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The parrot who lived with us

  • This tiny beaked baby bird taught us a lesson.

Jul 10, 2019-

One day, when I was about to take my afternoon rest, I heard a noise outside my window. When I pulled my curtain to see where it was coming from, I was surprised to see a baby parrot’s small bill tapping on the windowpane. I wanted to let it in and keep it with me but, I was unsure if I should. I did not know if my family would approve. So, I rushed outside the room to call my mom and little sister Rumi, and everyone around, to gawk at the squawking parrot.

My mom and grandma were not happy about me wanting to keep the parrot. But, after Rumi and I constantly pleaded with them to allow us to keep it as our pet—we did not have any pets—they finally agreed. When I opened the window to let it in, it quickly flew in flapping its cute, tiny wings. We then gave it some food and water.  Without touching any food and water, it flew from one room to another.  We thought it was trying to make itself familiar with its new home. I told Rumi that we should ask our father to buy a cage while returning from work. When dad asked why I would need a cage, I told him that it was a surprise. He agreed to bring one.

Rumi and I were waiting at our gate when dad’s car arrived around 4:00 pm that day.  While dad was parking the car, I was so glad to see a golden cage in the front seat. I felt the baby parrot would be cosy inside the cage. When we dragged dad to our room to show the surprise, we found the baby parrot resting on my study table.  Dad allowed us to keep the parrot until it grew up.  I gave the baby parrot a lovely name, Godimba, but we used to call it G.

After a month, we were shocked to see a few eggs inside the cage. Since that day, Rumi and I stopped going outside to play with our friends, as we stayed in the house to take good care of G and her eggs.

One day, after returning from school when we rushed to our room, we were so happy to see that the eggs had already hatched. G had her own family of baby little chicks. Dad reminded us we had to let them go. Rumi and I decided to build a bird house for G and her family. We built it and hung it on a branch of tree near our playground. Dad helped us shift G and her chicks to the bird house.

When we miss G and her chicks, we go outside to see them in their bird house. In our class competition, I shared this story and our experience with the class.  I even wrote a poem about living with G.  Rumi told the story about her first pet experience in her class competition and won first prize too.

Rumi and I often see G feeding her chicks when we are playing in the ground. We felt really happy to have helped G and taken care of the colourful bird and her chicks. The moral of this story is that we should take care of all creatures around us, as we are all living in the same world.


Bibhuti Bhattarai

- Bhattarai is a fifth grader at St Mary’s School

Published: 10-07-2019 10:27

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