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Things to do while in college

  • What you can do to make your college life more productive?
- Sweksha Karna, Kathmandu

Jul 4, 2019-

After three months long break since your SEE examinations, you might feel the weight lifting off your shoulders. You probably believe that your hard work has paid off, now that you’ve been enrolled in your dream college and all you have to do is sit back in class and get good grades.

However, it won’t take you long to realise that that’s not the case. The college has a very different environment compared to school. While it is said to be the most fun time of your life, things could get a little tricky. You’ll most likely have trouble paying attention in class, making friends, participating in extracurricular activities, or for worse, not investing your time doing something productive. Although it may sound intimidating for someone who’s just entered college looking forward to the fun and games, it’s nothing that can’t be dealt with.

These two years in college can pivot your life into the direction you want to take if provided with the correct desideratum. Aside from scoring well and having fun with your friends, here are some things you could do to make your college life more fun, successful and productive.

Don’t ditch on your hobbies

This is something most of us are guilty of doing. We often end up disregarding our hobbies once the academic pressure starts hitting. While it is important to maintain your scores, hobbies provide you with a window to recreation which will help you boost your personality and develop your skills. They can always come handy as a backup career plan too. Take classes to get better at what you do, pay a visit to the nearest dance and music school; art school, theatres like Gyan Mandala (Jawalakhel) and Music and Art Gallery (Jhamsikhel) to keep yourself occupied, and have fun while at it.

Learn a new language

Being multilingual is always a plus. Not only will it make you stand out, but it will also boost your career aspects and broaden your travel and study opportunities. Try learning languages like German, Spanish, Mandarin or French that are widely spoken and have more reach than other languages. If you’re trying to save time, you could always use apps like Duolingo or visit Goethe Zentrum (Thapathali) and Alliance Francaise (Dhobighat).

Take personal finance classes

Most times our curricula lack finance classes but being able to handle your own finances is important. Sure, this isn’t the most fun thing you could do in college but it definitely is something you’ll be glad about in future. These classes will teach you to manage your income, your expenses and your taxes so that you won’t struggle with it in the days to come. It’s more of a self-survival skill than an additional attribute. You can always opt for books by Dave Ramsey and Robert Kiyosaki if you’re more of a self-learner.

Participate in volunteering programmes

If you’re someone who’s interested in social work and want to give back to society, volunteering is a great option. It’ll provide you with a sense of appreciation, satisfaction and a fresh perspective. It’s a great way to interact with more people and open yourself to a new set of skills. Besides it is something that will elevate your resume.

Attend seminars, exhibitions and conferences on subjects that interests you

Participating in these events and interacting with people with similar interests will make you more out-going; expand your horizons, provide you with the exposure you need and prepare you for future endeavours that you plan to undertake.

Published: 04-07-2019 10:57

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