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How we live

  • It is futile to ruin our present by dwelling in the past.

Jun 26, 2019-

One fine afternoon while I was strolling through Putalisadak-Singha Durbar road, I saw a one-legged young girl performing astonishing dance moves with fervent zeal amid frivolous celebration of some carefree pedestrians. Despite being an amputee, it seemed as though nothing could stop her from enjoying the moment with vigour.

Her ardour for dance despite her physical vulnerability really moved me. Had she been blessed with a fair advantage of both her legs, how phenomenal her dance would have been, I wondered. The wild exuberance of the dance reminded me the moral philosophy of a saying, “Disability is not necessarily an inability.” So why not label physically-disadvantaged individuals as differently-abled ones?

Many of us never really appreciate what we have until we lose it. Even when we are blessed with incredible physicality and loving parents, we fail to realise all these valuable aspects of our life. We only tend to focus on what’s not working on our favour and end up being anxious and even depressed.

People nowadays have mastered over-thinking in a way that they worry about the problems that don’t even exist. They don’t have time to explore the wonders of nature and have a good time. Amid the chaotic and hectic lifestyle, people are so obsessed with material world that they don’t have time to lead a spiritual life.

We need to understand that it is futile to ruin our present by dwelling in the past. Our only priority must be to make the most out of the present situation and improve ourselves instead of castigating others. We need to inculcate in us the ideal virtues like love, affection, compassion, forgiveness, kindness, gentleness, humbleness, politeness, sincerity and honesty if we are to live a meaningful and worthy life.

We need to feel blessed for every single thing we have got in this amazing world. Life is not about complaining about trivial matters all the time, but it’s all about making a difference from our part to make this world a better place. As the saying goes, “Count your blessings, not your troubles.”


- Sanjog Karki

Karki is pursuing a Bachelor’s degree in Psychology at Ratna Rajya Laxmi Campus

Published: 26-06-2019 09:40

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