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Letting go

Jun 26, 2019-

To all of those,

Who have lived through

My stars fading from their sky,

To the little brooks

Who saw the fishes of my poems

Migrate into a greater river,

To the seas,

Upon which remains naught

But the salty taste of my memories,

To the saucers

I have spilled tea on,

To the ice cream cones,

I left uneaten,

To the smell of peaches

To the silver in your hair,

And the gold in your eyes,

I meant you no harm.

It was maybe the wind,

That eroded our hearts.

It was maybe the sun,

That dried our faith.

It was maybe the little birds,

Or mammals small and large,

That plowed through the seeds we planted.

Those seeds we hoped for,

To bloom into flowers.

Or maybe,

The wheels of time,

That turned to keep our lights going,

Rotated too fast.

And we couldn’t keep up.

But I meant you no harm.

I still stand, like that lone broken tree on the hill.

Like the cliff face, I have come to love.

I still stand calling.

I meant you no harm.

And in the broken shards

Of the mirror that couldn’t be,

I still hope that you see a face,

That will still make you smile.


- Sarthak Bhattarai

Bhattarai is a student at St Xavier’s College

Published: 26-06-2019 09:40

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