Making the most of the malaria vaccine

Abuja—A new malaria vaccine now being piloted in Sub-Saharan Africa, where 90% of malaria cases occur, could be a game changer in global health. But, if the new vaccine is to fulfill its potential, health ministries will need to make some important changes.

Jul 16 2019

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A healthy right-to-information regime is in everyone’s best interest

Funds stolen by political leaders. School supplies siphoned off by a contractor. Ghost workers created to claim benefits. Evidence of government-sanctioned torture.

Jul 16 2019

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A changing world order

More than 350 speakers from over 40 countries had gathered in the beautiful city of Aix En Provence in Southeast France to share their views at the Les Recontres Economiques, a meeting of economists organised by the Circle of Economists (Le Cercle des économistes).

SUJEEV SHAKYA, Jul 16 2019

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Are we prepared for the monsoon disaster?

While the arrival of monsoon was a respite from the scorching heat, especially for the farmers whose agricultural yield depends on the rain, the incessant rainfall also caused floods and landslides in many parts of the country.

Jul 16 2019

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Digital development and e-commerce in Nepal

Trade is an engine of growth. Many countries in East Asia and in the immediate neighbourhood have transformed their economies by excelling in export-led trade. But Nepal somehow missed this opportunity.


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What are Russians protesting about?

Former finance minister Alexei Kudrin, now Chair of Russia’s Accounts Chamber, has warned that the country risks an ‘explosion’ of protests caused by declining living standards and widespread poverty. He is wrong.


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Child sexual abuse in Pakistan

All over the world, child sexual abuse is an offence. If a child is raped, a report is made to the state. The latter ensures not only that the child receives physical and mental treatment, but also that the environment he/she is returning to is safe.

KISHWAR ENAM, Jul 15 2019

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Congress at a crossroads

Nepali Congress leader Ram Chandra Paudel recently announced that the party would move forward with ‘vision and mission’, which unwittingly was a public admission that the oldest existing political organisation in the country lacks both.

P KHAREL, Jul 15 2019

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How honest are we?

Melbourne—You have lost your wallet. Inside are your business cards with your email address. How likely is it that you will receive a message telling you that it has been found?

PETER SINGER, Jul 12 2019

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Killing us softly

Nepal has been importing pesticides since the 1950s. Chemicals such as dichlorodiphenyltrichloroethane, Gammexene and nicotine sulfates were initially used to control malaria; but today, almost 70 years later, the use of pesticides has dominated our agricultural practices.


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Jokowi and Modi’s budding bromance

The reelection of India’s Narendra Modi and Indonesia’s Joko ‘Jokowi’ Widodo got India-Indonesia relations off to a good start after the two leaders congratulated each other on social media.

Mustafa Izzuddin, C Raja MohanJul 12 2019

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Whose book is it anyway?

There are few spaces where the policies of India and Nepal align. With the Indian budget last week, however, there is one. India has decided to impose a 5 percent customs duty on all imported books; a little while ago, Nepal began to charge a 10 percent duty on all book imports.

Amish Raj Mulmi, Jul 12 2019

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End of a glorious chapter

The closure of Herald marks the end of one of the brightest chapters in independent journalism in Pakistan.

ZAHID HUSSAIN, Jul 11 2019

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Policy instruments have been effective

Monetary policy is a powerful tool that influences the performance of the national economy over different time horizons.


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