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Lebanese illustrator challenges views of Arab women through art

Lebanese artist Christina Atik has produced a series of digital pictures to illustrate sentences commonly used in Arab countries to criticize women with the aim of empowering Arab women.

Yara Abi Nader, Mar 10 2019

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The life and death of Syangja’s last, and only, film hall

Growing up on the outskirts of Syangja in the early aughts, radio was still the only means of entertainment.

Timothy Aryal, Mar 10 2019

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A taste of Ethiopia

For the average Nepali, doro wat, gomen and berbere might sound alien, but one taste of these Ethiopian delicacies and Nepalis might just recognise the flavours.

Thomas Heaton, Mar 08 2019

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What it takes to have a wedding in style

In Nepal, it always feels like wedding season. Barring a few short months, weddings take place all year around, as astrologers chart out a litany of auspicious dates.

Mar 07 2019

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Alicia Partnoy: All we can rescue of our humanity is in our art

In 2012, Alicia Partnoy walked up on stage at the theatre of her former university to testify before an Argentine commission that was investigating gross human rights violations and crimes against humanity. She recounted the experience in a poem, Testimony:

Mar 06 2019

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Fledgling gangland news fills niche neglected by other media

Shawn Cotton no longer drives his $55,000, bright pink Corvette to work because he’s afraid it could get him killed like his friend. But there are two things he won’t leave home without: his bulletproof vest and the 9 mm pistol he slips into his pocket.

MICHAEL TARM, Mar 05 2019

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Oscar for Alibaba’s ‘Green Book’ no guarantee for China success

The big upset at the 2019 Oscars by Green Book was a victory for its Chinese investor Alibaba Pictures, but there is no guarantee the best-picture winner will be a hit when it opens this week in China where viewers prefer blockbusters.

REUTERS, Mar 05 2019

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A new open-air gallery-cum-bakery hopes to bring photography and employment to Khunde

In March last year, in the shadow of the Himalayan massif, a new attraction opened in Khunde in Solokhumbu—an open-air art gallery. Now trekkers on their way to climb Everest can stop, grab a cup of hot tea and a croissant from the bakery next door, and enjoy Muang Hori’s collection of photographs from across Asia.

Rose Singh, Mar 05 2019

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Congresswoman Alexandria

Rep Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez is incredibly “humbled” to be the next comic book superhero.

DAWN, Mar 03 2019

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Bombshell film reignites Michael Jackson abuse firestorm

An unflinching new documentary on pedophilia accusations against Michael Jackson has shattered the glittering veneer around the late King of Pop, presenting in lurid detail the stories of two men who say he sexually abused them for years as minors.


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Morgan Freeman explores faith in ‘Story of God’

During his career as an actor, Morgan Freeman has played the role of God. In real life, he claims to be “undeniably” a believer.


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Blockbuster fuels India fervour in showdown with Pakistan

The lights dimmed and India’s national anthem drew patriotic cheers before the audience settled down to an action-packed Bollywood movie that has helped fuel a nationalist frenzy as a new cross-border conflict simmers.


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