Close the loopholes

Nepal Rastra Bank has been prominent in the news cycle in recent times. The central bank has yet to announce its monetary policy for 2019-20.

Jul 16 2019

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In the way of the rivers

The monsoon—vital for Nepal’s agricultural yield—has finally arrived. Unfortunately, it has left some places, mostly in the eastern and central parts of the country, in a shambles.

Jul 15 2019

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Trapped abroad

The developing story of a group of migrant women workers sent to China has many confounding aspects. The 44 women, who all paid Rs100,000 each to a manpower agency for pre-agreed contract employment, have been duped with regard to their area of work, living conditions, and salary.

Jul 12 2019

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What is a university?

A university is a place for advancing knowledge, not just handing out degrees. This is what makes up the fundamental fabric of any institution of higher education.

Jul 11 2019

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Fall of the wild

It is dispiriting to learn that elephants in Parsa National Park have been unable to make their annual migration through Rautahat and into the forests of Sarlahi.

Jul 10 2019

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Act now regret later

Merely one month ago, the government issued a directive requiring agricultural produce imported from India to be tested for pesticide residues before they enter the Nepali market.

Jul 08 2019

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A blind eye

On July 3, social media users were treated to an emotional and positive video—the scenes of a young boy, having been blind for three years,

Jul 05 2019

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Healthcare at risk

Nepal’s healthcare sector is facing many problems currently, so much so that the Health Minister Upendra Yadav has admitted that his ministry is unable to do anything about it.

Jul 04 2019

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Frivolous plans

It seems like the government is hell-bent on spending money on controversial schemes in an attempt to, apparently, promote tourism.

Jul 03 2019

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No parking

As a large chunk of the population has started living in urban areas, traffic and pollution already constitute major societal challenges that demand new approaches to find a solution for them.

Jul 02 2019

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A green cover

As the tree canopy in urban areas has been decreasing every year, walking the streets of Kathmandu has become almost unbearable in the summer sun. Thanks to the unending road expansion drive, the Valley has become a dustbowl.

Jul 01 2019

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