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  • Her eyes were focused on the rain but various thoughts were playing on her mind. She realised how lonely she was without Rajiv.
- Sulochana Nepal, Kathmandu

Jun 30, 2019-

On her way home Priya was beaming with joy. Today was a big day for her. All her hard work and sincerity had finally paid off.

Priya was 30 years old, tall, pretty and composed with curly hair.

She was a bright student during her school and college days. Having come from an educated family, her education was her parents’ topmost priority. When other friends were bunking classes and going for movies or travelling during weekends, and going on dates, she spent time with her books. Initially, her friends used to ask her to go out but after she repeatedly declined their offers, they stopped asking.

All her hard work right from her school days had paid off. Today was her first day as the branch manager. She had looked forward to the day ever since she started working three years ago.

On her way home, she decided to reflect on her starting days in the banking industry.

She remembered how nervous she was on her first day. During her probation period, she did encounter difficulties but as time passed by, her hardworking nature and ability to learn quickly helped her adjust to her role.

She had already conveyed the good news to her parents. She was yet to tell Rajiv. She met Rajiv five years ago in one of her official programmes. He was jolly, extrovert and a happy-go-lucky person. They became friends and soon their friendship blossomed into love. Rajiv entered her life as a silver cascade of happiness. He was a rainbow in her drab monochrome life. They decided to walk down the aisle. Their personalities were in stark contrast to each other, but that’s how they completed one another.

Priya could have told Rajiv the good news over the phone, but she wanted to see his reaction. Happy in her own thoughts, she didn’t realise that she had entered the vicinity of her colony.

Hurriedly taking off her shoes, Priya entered her home. She knew that Rajiv had taken the day off because he had been working without any break for the past three weeks. She quickly went to the bedroom but he wasn’t there. She called out for him in a loud voice, “Rajiv, where are you? I have something to tell you”.

Peeping through the kitchen door, Rajiv replied, “Come to the kitchen. I don’t remember the last time I made something for you, so today I am going to surprise you with my culinary skills.” She entered the kitchen with a beaming face.

“It seems you have good news, huh?” said Rajiv.

Surprised, she asked, “How did you know?”

“Your face says it all. So what’s the good news?” asked Rajiv.

“I got promoted today! I am now the branch manager, Rajiv!” she said.

“That’s great!  I knew you would get promoted. Congratulations, my love! I am so happy for you. Your hard work has finally paid off,” said Rajiv, holding her hand.

They decided to go out to celebrate her success. They pampered themselves with good food and went for a long drive before returning home.

The next morning, Priya saw Rajiv pace back and forth in the hallway. Worried, she asked, “What’s the matter with you, Rajiv? Is everything alright?”

He just nodded in response. Priya went closer to him and asked, “Tell me honestly. What is bothering you? You don’t usually wake up this early. Your unusual behaviour is making me worried.”

Rajiv looked into her eyes and finally said, “Priya, I have been posted out of the Valley. And I will have to leave tomorrow. I wanted to tell you about it yesterday, but seeing you so happy, I didn’t have the nerve to spoil it.”

“Are you serious?” she asked.

“Yes, the process was going on for a long time but it was undecided until yesterday. I know the transfer will help my career, but at the same time, I don’t want to leave you alone in this house,” said Rajiv.

With tears in her eyes, Priya said, “We both are career-oriented and work has always been our first priority. Though it is painful to stay apart, I know we can make it work. We just have to stay strong.”

“After all, absence makes the heart grow fonder, right?” Rajiv joked as he knew that if she went on speaking she would burst into tears. At a complete loss for words, Priya just nodded and smiled reluctantly.

 Putting his hands on her shoulder, he said, “Oh, come on. We can always video call each other. Besides, our love is stronger than the distance.”

The next day, Priya went to the airport to see him off.

“Take care of yourself and don’t skip your meals. Don’t be too lazy to cook, and don’t go to bed hungry,” said Rajiv.

“Okay, as you say, boss!” she replied with a smile and kissed him goodbye.

She then returned to her office with a heavy heart. She couldn’t concentrate on her work.

That evening she returned home, sat on the sofa and decided to give him a call. Unfortunately, his phone was switched off. She then went straight to the kitchen, made a strong coffee and sat by the window to watch the falling rain.

Her eyes were focused on the rain but various thoughts were playing on her mind. She realised how lonely she was without Rajiv. He was her entire world and now that he wasn’t with her, she felt terribly alone. She only had a few relatives in the city, but she wasn’t close to them. Her best buddies now were alien to her. She had a smile on her lips as she recalled the days she spent with them.

She thought to herself, “Did I push them away? Did they feel bad when I always declined their offers to go out?” With a change in her expression, she thought that it was not the whole truth. She had always wanted a promising career, and so she was always engrossed in work. Somewhere, her ambitions and workaholic nature outweighed her social life.

Deep inside, with a feeling of remorse, she wondered, “Had I made an effort to stay in contact and hang out with them, I would still get to enjoy their company.” Today when she was alone, she longed for her friends. Emotions started boiling inside her, and tears rolled from her eyes as she unfolded the knots of the memories with her friends.

Published: 30-06-2019 08:31

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