In tyrant we trust!

- Guffadi, Kathmandu

Jun 28, 2019-

Oli Ba and his courtiers thought that they could have it their way with their majority in the House but it now looks like when the government acts like a tyrant, the public will fight back. I think our netas have forgotten that they are here to serve the public. But in this great republic, it seems that our corrupt clowns, lazy civil servants and slimy contractors are here to rip off the public instead. 

It’s funny that our politicians now see public as the ‘enemy’ while they use the police force to beat up protestors and even stage fake encounters and kill citizens of this land. Our IGP Saheb should understand that we do not have capital punishment in our country and it’s up to the courts to decide if the person is guilty or not. Our Home Ministry wallahs think that police brutality will help to keep public in tow but what they fail to understand is if we continue to allow our police wallahs to kill people at their will then one day it will come back to haunt us all. 

It’s ironic that we have a Home Minister who knows very well how then Nepal Police used excessive force and raped, killed and tortured innocent villagers in the name of fighting an insurgency. And today, while he sits at the Home Ministry drinking chiya and biskoot, he doesn’t think a bit about how to reform the police force. Our police can’t figure out who killed Nirmala and have no clue about the folks behind the gold smuggling racket in this nation but tell us that they are doing a fine job. Yes, they are doing a good job providing security to our thulo mancheys while the common citizens have to run for their lives whenever they see the folks in blue.

It’s sad that our netas forget how they came to power and instead misuse their authority to amass ill-gotten wealth and make us poorer and bankrupt this country. A journalist who is now our Miscommunication Minister wants to curtail press freedom. Our government wanted to help the land mafia to make more money by coming up with their own ‘Guthi’ bill. And now it is going after our forest by trying to get rid of the community forest users group. I think our Oli government seems to either have crazy advisors or very cunning civil servants at respective ministries. In this age of federalism, they sure know how to take back the rights of the people instead of empowering our local bodies and the public. And our local elected representatives are no good either. Don’t be surprised if our local ward members also demand a luxury vehicle for themselves. If our President needs vehicles worth 18 karods then why not give a vehicle worth 18 lakhs to our local ward members? Yes, loot as much as you can because this is the only land where those in power can do whatever they want and get away with it while those without power have to get away from this land to earn a few Dinars overseas.

Yes, take back the guthi land from the people. Take back the forest from the local community. Take back all our rights and make sure that we have no place and no voice to protest against the government’s high-handedness. If our Oli government had its way then the folks heading the Guthi Commission would be the ones to decide what to do with the Guthi land. And a District Forest Officer (DFO) would have the power to cancel the registration of community forest user groups. Yes, it’s a good thing that a DFO would have such rights but here in this land, the people in power tend to misuse their authority and make a quick buck instead. Our Oli government could have done better if they carried out an awareness campaign before sending the bill to the parliament. Yes, use your own government media and tv channels to make us aware of your intentions instead of calling us names.

And our SEE results are out and as usual, public schools perform well below expectations. Our government spends billions of rupees on public schools and most of it goes to pay our teachers’ salaries and benefits while students don’t get their textbooks on time. Yes, it would be good for all of us if education and health care were free in this land under the great communist rule but if we only had public schools and public health care system then only most of the funds would go to pay our teachers and doctors while, our students and patients would suffer.

And Nepal Tourism Board should not be spending a billion rupees to host an award show for Bollywood. Why not carry out a contest for people from all over the world and give a free ticket to at least a hundred people from a hundred countries to visit Nepal. Yes, spend your funds wisely instead of wasting it on hawatari programmes. We don’t need Bollywood stars coming here for a day, staying in five-star hotels and attending another useless award show. Why not invite Rajnikant and take him to Muktinath, Everest and other places at our taxpayers' expense and you can expect millions of his fans to visit our beautiful land?

Invite the Chinese President to have a cup of jasmine tea and maybe a mooncake at Everest Base camp and we could get a million Chinese tourists up there. Invite all actors from Game of Thrones and pay their first-class airfare and accommodation for a breakfast at Manang for a reunion or something and expect millions of GoT fans to come here. 

We don’t need Salman Khan to come here to promote Nepal.  Invite Liverpool FC to play a friendly game with our national team. Pay them a million dollars if needed but it will surely be worth it. Get the British Embassy involved or the Queen herself. Nepal Tourism Board needs to think outside the box. But of course, all those in power and access to government funds live in a bubble in this land and it’s time somebody burst their bubble. 

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Published: 29-06-2019 06:30

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