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The girl in the sketch

- Nirajan Rijal, Kathmandu

Jun 22, 2019-

Sometimes I am not myself. Sometimes I can’t even feel my body. Sometimes I am happy. Sometimes I am sad. Nothing makes sense to me. Am I losing my mind?

Rain is drizzling outside the police headquarters. The police chief and some investigation officers are having a meeting in a soundproof room. Other personnel are working outside the room. A quiet engulfs the headquarters. Everyone is focused on their work. Suddenly, the telephone rings. Tring Tring. Tring Tring. A police constable gets the telephone. He remains silent, listening intently. His eyes become wide and he runs towards the meeting room and knocks on the door. He enters the room and announces, “A girl just called and she says that she has been kidnapped in a vehicle similar to the one we are looking for. I think it is the serial killer, sir”.

The police chief asks him whether the caller gave any other details, to which the  constable replies, “She gave us a location, sir.” The chief immediately orders a team to go rescue the girl.  


The evening is quiet. The policemen surround the old building with gun in hand. Small drops of rain fall from the sky. Policemen wipe away the rain that falls on their forehead and focus on their target. A girl comes out of that old building. Blazing lights are focused on her. She looks scared. Her clothes are grimy, tears are falling from her eyes, and her hair looks messy. The police thoroughly check the building. They find nothing—except a long, big rope, a pair of heels, and black lipstick.


When the police asks her about her kidnapper who is suspected to be a serial killer that they have been searching for, she says that the person who kidnapped her was actually a woman.

The police chief immediately calls the sketch artist. When the artist enters the room, the girl looks at the artist and grins. He starts to draw according to her description and out of nowhere the girl starts laughing in a very abnormal way, flipping her hair. “You are very handsome. What is your name? Mine is Jenna,” she says. The artist feels uncomfortable and goes out of the room to drink some water. Jenna continues giggling. He comes back and resumes drawing. But he rushes out of the room without completing the sketch and gives it to the police chief. After looking at the half-complete sketch, the police chief also becomes shocked as it is very similar to Jenna’s face.  


The only difference is that the girl on the sketch has shorter hair and blue eyes. Jenna enters the room and slowly looks at them. They are shocked and frightened at Jenna, laughing in a menacing way.


Fearing Jenna has psychological issues, the detectives take her to the psychiatrist within the police quarters. Jenna enters the psychiatrist’s room and looks around. When she sees a book rack in the corner, she runs towards it and starts reading. The psychiatrist asks the detectives to leave the room so that he can talk to her alone. The detectives leave after giving him Jenna’s files. The psychiatrist turns around to speak to Jenna, who is still going through the books, looking very interested. He greets her. Jenna looks at the him and smiles.


Then the psychiatrist asks, “You know why you are here?” Jenna looks towards him and innocently questions him instead, “Do you think I am mad?”. The psychiatrist assures her that she is not mad. Jenna immediately questions him again, “Otherwise, why I am here in your clinic?”


The psychologist says, “No, Jenna you are not mad, you are afraid of something. That’s why you are here. But I promise I will help you make things better. You are safe here.” Jenna smiles and plays with her hair. The psychiatrist looks at Jenna’s hair and she says in a rather flirty tone: “What are you looking at? My hair? Do you want to run your fingers through my hair?” Without answering, he just clears his throat and drinks some water.


The psychiatrist asks Jenna to sit comfortably in the sofa and begins hypnotising her and asking about her past. She slowly starts talking about her past, and suddenly starts crying. She begins shouting, “Please don’t!”. He immediately wakes her up and asks her to be calm and reaches out for her hand. Jenna opens her eyes and asks him to stay away from her—in a harsh, different voice. Then, she dashes to the bed, stands on top of it and looks at the psychiatrist mercilessly. He tries to calm Jenna but she continuously stares at him with anger on her face.


And suddenly she passes out. After some time, Jenna wakes up and asks “Who are you and why I am here?” Faltered, the psychiatrist asks her, “You don’t remember me?”

Jenna replies, “No, why I am here, what is happening to me?”


The psychiatrist asks her to recall what she remembers. “Nothing, I was kidnapped and the police rescued me and kept me in their van. I don’t remember anything after that. I woke up here,” she answers. The psychiatrist becomes shocked and asks, “Okay,  what is your name?”

Jenna softly replies, “My name is Shrija.”


He asks her to drink some water and enters another room to call the police chief. But she goes near the door to eavesdrop on the phone call. While the psychiatrist is speaking on the phone, she quietly enters the room, picks up a glass from the table and smashes it on his head. The police chief on the other side of the phone hears the sound and immediately rushes to the psychiatrist’s office with his team. When the police enter the office, there is blood all over the floor, and find her crying and quivering in one corner. When the police chief asks her about the incident, she replies “I don’t know anything about this. Maya killed him. Please help me.” The chief looks at his constable, perplexed.

Published: 23-06-2019 07:00

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