This country is going down the drain because of corrupt politicians and hakim sahebs.

- Guffadi, Kathmandu

Apr 20, 2019-

Let us congratulate all those who received medals from our great communist government this week. This is the land where fake VAT bill byaparis get awarded with Supraval Janasewa Shree medal from the President. Yes, a tax evader gets awarded for evading taxes. I think we should release all criminals from our prisons and instead jail all hard-working, law-abiding citizens. After all, this government thinks those who voice their opinion are traitors.

A person who has yet to clear his Nepal Medical Council (NMC) exams gets a medal as well for his role as a doctor in helping earthquake victims. I think somebody forgot to remind our government that one cannot call himself or herself a doctor unless one clears the NMC exam. And government officials who get those medals then get arrested a year later for corruption. I think we need to hold the so-called medal selection committee accountable.

But of course, our thulo mancheys are never held accountable in this country. Only the small fishes get caught whereas the big sharks pay off or make a deal and go home. Whatever happened to our great Super Hero Lok Man Karki? We hear that he made billions from extortion but nobody is going to go after him anytime soon. And even now, our former CIAA commissioner Pathak Sir is not going to jail anytime soon even though he is caught on tape taking sweets. Isn’t it ironic that the thulo mancheys of the agency tasked to fight corruption are themselves busy extorting byaparis and civil servants and even netas?

Somebody needs to remind our government that just because a byapari or a so-called social worker has the connection or has paid off folks that they should be awarded government medals. I think our government should be ashamed and apologise to some of the genuine folks who did receive the medals from our President for really contributing to the betterment of this country.

I think we seem to have lot of ‘fakers’ who get medals from our government. After all, this government is run by fake leaders who are actually free loaders. It would be nice if our country was run by fakirs instead. At least they would not loot us all and award medals, ambassadorship, seats of justice and other government positions to near and dear ones if they were fakirs because of their vows of poverty and renouncing all material stuff and relationships. But that’s not the case with our netas who once had vowed to end corruption, poverty and everything that’s bad with our country.

Now, they are in power and they are the ones who most engage in corruption, make the common citizens poorer every day and instead of good governance, they are busy misusing their power to make some dough at the expense of the taxpayers of this country.

This is the land where government land is sold to byaparis and the government can’t do a thing about it because the Land Revenue Office folks can’t find the documents to take action against the chors. And it’s time somebody remind the government that banning everything is not the solution to resolve our country’s problems. This country is not going down the drain because some folks want to play games online. This country is not going down the drain because some of us use social media to express our opinions. This country is not going down the drain because journalists write about business deals gone wrong.

But this country is going down the drain because our politicians want to shut us up and continue to loot freely without being held accountable. This country is going down the drain because our civil servants extort contractors and common citizens and set aside commissions for the thulo mancheys. This country is going down the drain because of corrupt politicians and hakim sahebs.

So what can we do to end corruption, eradicate poverty and minimize pollution in our land? We need to shame our corrupt buffoons. Our media wallahs should have a wall of shame in their websites or only write about corruption in our land instead of writing about ribbon cutting ceremonies and where our clowns meet at a resort to talk politics. It’s time for a black-out of anything to do with politics. Let us not give our politicians the space to spew venom or fool us all every time with their jokes.

We also have our own ‘fake’ journalists as well but of course, we will all have bad apples everywhere. But it’s about time our media wallahs really focused on investigative journalism and go after the big sharks and our civil society leaders should stop playing politics and fight against the chors of today. Where are our so called intellectuals who were not scared to stand up against a monarch but now are scared to fight against a thousand-headed monster? 

Guffadi is a grumpy old man

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Published: 20-04-2019 09:35

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