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Birthday letter

- RUNA MAHARJAN, Kathmandu

Mar 31, 2019-

My dear Natasha, my love

Happy birthday!

I really love you! I know you are doing really well in your life. I know that your hands are trembling and the tears of laugher are rolling down your blushed cheeks right now. I also know that at the end of this letter, you will cry out of sadness. Baby, I know you really well. I even know that you are wearing the maroon dress and that lavender perfume that I gifted you. Those ear rings and the bangles remind you of me.

I know you well enough, and I know that you cry yourself to sleep every night. Baby, don’t worry about me. I am in a very happy place. I am definitely partying and dancing to hip hop songs. But I cannot be happy knowing that my love has been sad all this long.

Love, I am worried about you. People don’t realise how sensitive you are but you can’t blame them; you act happy so flawlessly. You can literally trick everyone in believing that you are okay even when you are not. You know how to control your tears and then burst it all out when you are alone. You are a strong woman, and baby it is okay to cry, it is okay to show your soft side to some people. Obviously they might not be as understanding as your granny but they can actually surprise you. So open up baby; it is okay to cry when you are hurt.

Baby, you are beautiful. Out of my 78 years on the earth, I have never seen anyone as beautiful as you are. I cannot explain how delighted I am that I got a chance to raise a person like you. You are the kindest and the coolest person.

Don’t ever doubt that you are beautiful. Look at the mirror and see the beautiful smile that you always wear. Don’t let anyone or anything snatch that away because it really is priceless. I know you don’t like your curls but baby, anyone would pay top dollars to have that hair. You really have the prettiest of eyes. Baby, you never thought that you were cool to fit in but the truth is you are the coolest. You are the one who adopted Minnie after her master thought of getting rid of her when she lost a limb. You are the one who dances all alone in street for charity. Is there anything you would not do to make this world a beautiful place? As far as I know, you will do everything to help those in need. You are the kindest person. So, ignore those people who try to bring you down. If you can, have sympathy for them.

You had dreams to become a musician, but you were made to study medicine. You wanted to sing aloud, but you now operate patients. Baby, I know that this thing still hurts you, but please let it go. I am sorry that I could not convince your parents, but letting the hurt linger in you will only do you more harm than good. Your parents love you, and they don’t even have the faintest of idea that you were really hurt by their actions. You will have to let go of it, my dear. Your mother still longs to hear your compliment when she makes your favorite cheese cake. Your father just pretends to be strong man but he really needs your hug. They want to be there for you, so baby, don’t push them away. All they want is your happiness.

Baby, you should know your worth. Those boys you have dated none of them were for you. They don’t have what it takes to be your man. They never deserved you, so stop thinking that whether it was you who wasn’t worthy enough to receive their love. You have grown into such a beautiful human being. You don’t know how amazing person you are. That person left you just because you were too ambitious to handle. Then another guy left you just because you could not hang out with him every single day. They are all lame. I am sad that I will not be able to see the luckiest man who gets to be your groom, and the most adorable children you would have. But do tell your children how lovable and cool their great grandmother was.

Do you remember the time when I forced you to take me to a pub? We had such a nice time together. All the late night talks we had. Every day when you came home, I would instantly know whether you were happy or sad. Every time, when somebody hurt you, you would ask “if you were a bad person?”, and I would always answer, “You are an angel.”

Baby, not every person in this world has a heart as big as yours. You are always willing to do things for people, but please remember that not many will do the same for you. In such situations, rise higher and let go of the sadness. There definitely will be people who will try to bring you down but never ever fall in that trap. Don’t let any other people’s activity stop you from being the best person you can be. Don’t stop writing your heart out. Don’t stop dancing in the rain. Don’t stop dreaming. Your dreams and your actions make you, and always, always remember that your grandmother loves you. 

Forever in my heart,


Address: Definitely heaven


As soon as Natasha was done reading the letter, she broke into tears. She, as her grandmother guessed, was wearing the maroon dress and the lavender perfume.

Hearing Natasha cries, her parents rushed into her room.

While she was crying out loud, her mother and father rushed into her room.

Her parents hugged her immediately. “What happened, honey?” asked her father.

“It is the letter her grandmother has left for her. She asked me to give it to her on her birthday” said her mother.

“Are there more letters, mother?” asked Natasha.

“No, honey. But she has also left the letters for me and your father. She has instructed to read it only in our birthdays,” said her mother.

“I miss her so much,” cried Natasha.

“I miss her too,” cried her mother. “So do I,” cried her father. They all hugged each other for a really long time after a really long time.

“I love you both so much,” mumbled Natasha.


Published: 31-03-2019 09:47

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