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The worry of war

  • Would anyone sane seek violence when we have the power to maintain peace?

Mar 13, 2019-

I always wanted to be a writer as the best thing I could do was write. When I looked at what other people had to say, I always asked myself how anybody could write this way. I wanted to write about everything—the sky, flowers, people, the rain, but my pen never supported me. I always envied my friend when she’d tell me how beautiful the sky seemed and that she’d paint it as soon as she was back home from school. I longed to do what she could.

Today I ask myself if I was living in a bubble all these years? Everything has started to make sense—the stars, tress, sky, the hills, even my friends. Now, I can feel the air around me, gently asking me to come out and join the dance of the leaves with the rhythm of the birds. Now, I see how the sky changes into a hundred colours as it turns from dawn to dusk.

All these thoughts came about because of what is happening around me, about a war that could erupt between our neighbouring nations. And today, we do not seem to be the same beings as the great Gorkhalis we descended from. Do you think we would win the battles of today’s world like our warriors did? Using khukuris? And for how long? Through an airstrike? It is absurd to think that we can save our nation by brandishing khukuris at the sky when they are dropping bombs on us. Can we imagine how miserable this condition would be.

I don’t wish for any more wars because I now understand how just one day’s attack can affect people’s lives. We are so concerned with little things in life, like getting home after school and waking up late on Saturday. All of this seems absurd when there is a fear that you might not be able to open your eyes at all.

As I was walking to school early one morning, I saw a dead rat, crushed by vehicles. Even cats were refusing to go near the dead animal. I don’t think any animate being would wish for such a tragic event on another, even if they are rivals. But then, why are we humans so inhuman?

The next day, the next hour could bring anything. Life is unpredictable. All these thoughts are occurring because I am dwelling too much on them, but would any sane person seek violence when we have the power in our hands to maintain peace? If God exists, why did he create us as stupid morons?

Shreya Gautam

Gautam is a grade nine student at Reliance International Academy

Published: 13-03-2019 08:10

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