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  • Mira started feeling something different and incomplete this time. The ‘ting’ sound of messenger didn’t bring any joy like it did a year ago
- Yubraj Parajuli

Mar 3, 2019-

It’s not every day that you come across a beautiful girl in a public bus and she offers to tell you a story. This incident happened last week, when I was travelling to my hometown after completing my board exams. Needless to say, I was excited about the vacation. And before the bus started, I found myself next to this beautiful girl. Our eyes met. Her eyes were bright, pitch black and out-and-out intoxicating. They had a torrent of emotions in them, and I could feel them. After the initial heat of the first contact settled, I took out my book, the last resort, I thought, to open a conversation with her and that did the trick.

“Do you like love stories?” she asked. “Yes,” I replied. She asked who my favourite writer was, and I supplied her with Paulo Coelho. She asked me if I wanted to hear about a love story. Of course I did. We exchanged introductions and details about where we were heading and all that. Then after a long silence, she took a long breath and started her story:

After securing excellent marks in SLC exams, two close friends Indu and Mira went Kathmandu to pursue higher education. With increasing age, they were going through various physical and mental changes, and were infatuated with boys.

A good looking boy Aman also used to study in their class. He was confident, used to speak less and listen more, and had a good sense of humor. Mira used to like his deep, confident voice. Three of them, including Indu, were in the same group for “practical” sessions. She used to feel a kind of fearful happiness when she talked with him. Though she was a talkative girl, she used to get nervous talking with Aman. At the hostel she used to pass her time remembering Aman rather than reading bulky books. She never knew how time flew and a nightmare of first term exam began. Like others, she too messed her exam, but she felt little sense of happiness due to one month vacation, when she went home. The most beautiful thing about returning home after a long time, she thought, is parents don’t scold you even if you sleep up to nine in the morning, they don’t forbid you from using mobile and Facebook, and you can watch TV as per your wish. Both Aman and Mira saw online each other but nobody told “hi” maybe it was due to their hidden ego but Mira couldn’t control her for more than three days and typed “hi”. Aman replied “hello” then a long formal conversation started between them. Aman was trying to extend the conversation and Mira was enjoying that. Gradually they became close and got comfortable talking with each other. Mira used to feel her day incomplete without messaging Aman. At that moment the “ting” sound of messenger became her beloved sound. One day when Aman was online till late night, Mira asked, “Why are you online at this time?”

Aman replied, “Like you, chatting, with someone special.”

She wrote, “Ah I’m not chatting with anyone special!”

He asked, “Then, who am I?”

That message brought a tinge of happiness in her, but many feelings gyrated in her head.

Aman messaged, “Ha-ha, you must have become serious!”

Those frequent conversations were bringing them closer before there came a hiatus.

Mira didn’t message Aman for a few days, and when Aman saw her online one night, he asked “Do you still remember me?”

“Oh I forgot!” replied Mira.

“Why are you ignoring me?” asked Aman.

Mira replied, “When did I ignore you?”

Aman countered, “These days, I think you are afraid?”

“Afraid? Of?” asked Mira.

“Afraid to fall in love with me!” replied Aman

“That’s absurd,” said Mira.

And these kinds of conversations continued.

Then their vacation was over and the college resumed. Things in college were changing, small talk inside the class and lab were becoming beautiful things to remember. Some girls used to gossip about them, and Mira used to enjoy that. Many emotional changes were occurring inside her. Soon Mira was getting less attention from Aman. If Mira started feeling something different and incomplete this time, then it was definitely because of lack of attention from Aman. The “ting” sound of messenger didn’t bring any joy like it did a year ago. Deep inside her heart, she still loved him deeply. The holiday completed with the joy of festival and Facebook and the college resumed. At the beginning of college everyone was missing their family due to long holiday but the pressure of exam compelled them to forget that. Aman and Mira rarely talked, so everyone thought they broke up.

Their second term was over, and there were very less teaching days left. Time is a silly thing. It always runs against you. Finally, it was the last day. Students were shouting with full zest. They knew those days would never return. Mira too was collecting beautiful memories with others. Suddenly, Aman came near her, and took a selfie with her. Later in the evening, one of her friends told her that Aman had uploaded a photo with her along with other group photos on Facebook.  

With exams nearing, everyone in hostel were busy studying. One important thing about studying in hostel is students get compelled to study by seeing others studying. It’s contagious. Like everyone, Mira too was busy mugging notes.

The board exam began, and everyone was doing well. It was the day before the last exam; everyone was excited about completing the exams and going home. Everyone was eagerly waiting for “tomorrow”, and finally, their wait was over. Plus Twos were now over, and there was exhilaration among those in the hostel. Everyone was busy packing their stuff. Since Mira had already completed packing, she went to talk with her friends and found that Indu’s face was glowing. Mira asked Indu about her cheerfulness. In a low voice she replied, “Aman proposed me.” Maybe Indu wanted to make her jealous. “Good joke,” said Mira. Immediately, Indu took out her mobile and showed her the screenshot.

Published: 03-03-2019 09:30

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