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Guffadi: Our Oli government is not a communist but a truly wild capitalist party

- Guffadi, Kathmandu

Feb 1, 2019-

First of all, let us congratulate our greatest communist party on Earth for showing us their two-third majority to pass the Medical Mafia Bill through both houses. Yes, finally it took our communist lads to show us that politicians are in it for the money and not to help the weak, poor and the needy. We never expected the communists to be such real-life losers that they would do anything to make a few byaparis richer while making us poor poorer. Yes, this country is being run not by our politicians and bureaucrats but by mafia. We have mafia in every sector in ths land. Be it transport or medical or food or fuel. Consumers are fleeced, contractors are rich and our civil servants and corrupt clowns feed off these mafia wallahs.

Even former Health Minister Gagan Thapa could do nothing but just shout out loud for a day or two and it seems that this communist government is hell bent on wiping out our Congressis not only from the political scene but any hospitals and roads and what not. Yes, first begin with the hospitals then highways and eventually from all walks of life. Don’t be surprised if we don’t get to watch any boxing matches organized in the name of Late Ganesh Man Singh. So if you want to organize any event and get funds from this Oli government then do so in the name of Lenin and Marx and even Man Mohan or Madan Bhandari but never do it in the name of BP, GP but KP is fine!

At the end of the day, our Oli government is not a communist but a truly wild capitalist party that will help only byaparis to make some dough in this land while the rest of the folks can go to hell. Our comrades claim to be working for the people but the reality is that this government wants to stop the people from exercising their right to peaceful assembly and freedom of speech and now, we will have no choice but to allow byaparis to open as many medical schools as possible and produce many doctors, some of them whom will get entrance to the medical schools because of money and not because of merit.

Our Oli government has finally proven that Dr KC is nothing but a clown and his hunger strikes don’t matter at all. Let us not feel bad for the doctor who has staged more than a dozen hunger strikes so far and each time, the then government managed to persuade the crazy doctor to withdraw his strike promising to fulfill his demands. And as always, our government never fulfilled the promises made and now we have no choice but to be happy that our byaparis will get open as many medical schools in the valley and make tons of money while giving the share of the student fees to our netas and civil servants.

It’s really sad to see former Chief Justices, educators and civil society leaders come out in support of Dr KC but it made no difference to the netas of our ruling parties. I think we now need to change our approach when it comes to going to war with our government. After all money talks and hunger strike walks.  Maybe, we should all get together and raise funds so that we can pay off our netas to pass Bills that help the people instead. Yes, that’s right. We need a powerful civil organization that lobbies for the rights of the people and the only we seem to actually pass such Bills is that we raise enough money to beat the cash offered by our byaparis.

Yes, Dhurmus Suntali Foundation is doing a good job but it takes two comedians to show us that it is possible to carry out good works in this land. The comedians have promised us an international cricket stadium in three years for less than three billion Rupees. If our incompetent government had come up with this plan, it would cost us taxpayers thirty billion and probably three decades before the government gave us the stadium. Isn’t it ironic that comedians in this land want to help the poor and the needy and now wants to help the sport of Cricket whereas our politicians want to be comedians and crack jokes all day while doing nothing but making sure that contractors and con artists make money in this land while common folks get no help from the government.

Once again, let us congratulate our Oli government for passing the Medical Mafia Bill. Now, Dr KC should go home and rest. Our Nepal Medical Association wallahs should stop carrying out strikes as well. Instead, our doctors should boycott our politicians. Let them hire foreign doctors and go to them for checkups instead. After all, our politicians travel abroad for medical treatment. I think we should all get together and demand either free medical treatment abroad for all of us Nepalis like our politicians or we should stop them from flying to foreign lands for simple checkups at the expense of the taxpayers. Dr KC may have failed to save us from the medical mafia but I think he should just ask our so-called to netas to sign on a piece of paper that promises to never go abroad for medical treatment and seek help here instead so that our politicians can then talk the talk and walk the walk for good.

Guffadi is a grumpy old man who blogs at You may contact him at

Published: 02-02-2019 07:30

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