The Consumer Electronics Show puts on an annual display of the most innovative technologies. Here are this year’s standouts

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- Pratima Adhikari

Jan 15, 2019-

Every year, the Consumer Electronics Show (CES), the annual showcase of consumer gadgets and new technology that took place in Las Vegas, never fails to impress. There is something new to talk about in every iteration. This year’s CES was no different. This year, CES displayed a number of amazing products. There were impossibly thin laptops and TVs that could be rolled up when not in use. Here are our picks for the most interesting gadgets and tech at CES 2019.


This year, laptop manufacturers outdid themselves. From the thinnest gaming laptops to the most powerful, this year’s CES had them all. One particular offering from Dell, the Alienware Area 51M, managed to amaze most visitors. What’s striking about this laptop is that it not only features one of the most powerful configurations available on any laptop, but also has a modular design.

A ‘modular’ gadget is one where individual components can be switched out and replaced by the consumer. This means you can change the CPU, GPU, hard drive and RAM as per your needs. Thus, consumers are no longer restricted to the configuration that the laptop came with. As time passes and technology advances, outdated components can be replaced with newer variants. A single laptop could theoretically be used forever, simply switching out the parts that need to be changed, and without burning a hole in your pocket. This is the first time a modular laptop has been showcased like this and we hope other companies too will follow suit.


At this year’s CES, massive TVs caught everyone’s attention. Micro LED, OLED and 8K resolution TVs were all showcased to much fanfare. We don’t have enough content for 4K TVs yet and there are already companies offering double that resolution. But, it’s not the 8K TVs that makes this list. 4K may be a holdover from last year, but this time, LG has polished it and added a touch of innovation. The new offering from LG is a rollable TV! The TV can be rolled and used as a custom speaker cabinet when not in use. And there’s no fear of damage when you roll it up. LG offers up to 50,000 roll cycles so there is nothing to worry about.

The LG Signature OLED TV R is 65 inches with a 4K resolution. And since we don’t have 8K content yet, 8K technology will have to wait for some time and leave it up to 4K rollable TVs to impress.


From tracking your health to experiencing different worlds, wearables have made our lives easier and more fun. And with every other company developing their own Virtual Reality devices, there is one from HTC that stands out among the rest.

The HTC Vive Pro Eye is a new high-end VR headset that makes use of eye-tracking technology so that users can better focus on content that they are looking at directly. Likewise, it blurs out what is out of the user’s normal field of view and helps reduce motion or VR sickness. The device also need not be controlled with your hands—you can navigate menus just by looking at them instead of using motion-based hand-wand controllers.

With the boom in VR technology, we can expect a breakthrough in various fields of education and work in the near future. The HTC Pro Eye is just one more step in that direction.

Smart home appliances

The Lenovo Smart Clock is an impressive piece of innovation that was showcased at CES this year. It is a smaller version of the Smart Display that features Google Assistant. It can tell you the time, play music, charge other devices and do much more. It is an alarm and when not functioning as an alarm clock, it is your reminder of your daily schedule. It is compatible with Google Assistant and can sync with your Google calendar, music and other Google products.

The Smart Clock has an ambient light sensor that detects the amount of light around it and tells you when to sleep or wake up. Also, it gets brighter when your face is near it, which also helps you wake up.

Similarly, another smart home appliance is the Capstone Connected Home Smart Mirror. This mirror is equipped with Google Assistant with both voice and touch screen abilities. It can tell you what the weather is like before heading out, or even play YouTube videos if you are bored. You can learn dance moves or recipes by looking at a mirror in front of you.

It can also access your Google Drive and social media and download applications too. So, this is clearly not a normal mirror.


Gadgets aside, this year’s CES even witnessed innovation in food. We know that nothing tastes like meat if it’s not meat, but that’s just not true anymore. The Impossible Burger 2.0 is a marvel in food engineering—the first vegan plant-based burger patty that tastes like the real thing. This soy-based meat replacement for beef is said to be as delicious as meat and healthier too. Instead of wheat protein, it’s made of soy protein, resulting in less fat consumption and zero cholesterol. It is also gluten-free, which makes it even healthier. And the fact that it is as mouth watering as a normal burger makes it quite an innovation for this year.

Among the plethora of gadgets, these stood out because of their impressive nature. And since many of these products are not available in the market yet, we are yet to test their usability and effectiveness. But we can say with confidence that these are interesting innovations that are certain to take consumer electronics forward.

Published: 15-01-2019 08:28

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