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It is a curse to begin with

- Prajwalla Dahal

Jan 12, 2019-


I knew attachment was a rope that’d

pull your legs the moment you find an escape,

and cages are like magnets,

sticking on metal,

trapping beautiful things in between.

I learned to dislike magnets,

I left my fridge door plain and empty,

and my toys,

they were made of plastics,

something I could burn and yet, feel guilty about.

When I finally owned a pet,

my mom caged the bird and hung it on a magnet.

I left the door open and let it go,

I lied to my mom and told her that it was a mistake.

If I’d spend so much time with you,

I’d fall in love with you.

I never owned a Barbie doll,

because at one point,

even plastics were too much.

I never invited my friends over,

because one day,

they’d be busy enough not to come.

I stopped playing in the rain because,

it was going to be sunny again.

I sleep till noon because,

I was scared of the dawn

for it is as eerie as the dusk is pretty.

And you,

You are so pretty,

that I invited you twice,

both of which you denied.

But, I guess its okay.

Even if you come this time,

you’ll leave by another sunshine.

And hey,

I’m not a morning person,

the dawn scares me.

You’d be gone,

before I’d wake up.

So I left my fridge door open,

hoping I’d never see that magnet you gifted me.

Published: 12-01-2019 10:06

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