2018 in Retrospect : The Year of Promises

These are the photos that defined 2018

As we conclude 2018, the Post invites you to revisit some of the top news photos from Nepal--Images that made national headlines and engaged all of us.

Post Report, Dec 30 2018

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Nepalis movies are making money. But Nepali cinema has an identity crisis.

The Nepali film industry had a few films to be proud of this year as art-house filmmakers switched into the mainstream.

Timothy Aryal, Dec 30 2018

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Why it’s difficult to call Prime Minister Oli’s foreign policy “balanced”

There is an unintended paradox in Nepal’s basic position of equidistant foreign policy.

Amish Mulmi, Dec 30 2018

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Nepal’s health sector thrived this year but the government should do more to adapt to federalism

During the two-day review of health sector programmes held on 17th and 18th December by the Ministry of Health and Population and various development partners, Nepal’s progress against the National Health Sector Strategy (NHSS) targets and the annual work plan for the fiscal year 2074/75 were addressed.

Sudha Sharma, Dec 30 2018

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How Nepal’s geopolitically neutral space offers more room for international art festivals

Despite inclinations towards autocracy and censorship, Nepal remains the most free space in South Asia.

ABANI MALLA, Dec 30 2018

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How fraud and payment hassles in online shopping sites keep customers away

Internet shopping is certainly popular. This is because consumers can purchase products from all over the world by using their smartphones and computers. With just a few clicks, consumers can have anything they want to be delivered straight to their door. But this is for people who live in developed countries.


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Investors lost nearly 300 billion in the share market. Here’s how it happened.

Nepal’s capital market welcomed 2018 in an upbeat mood with a 44.22-point jump in the Nepal Stock Exchange (Nepse) index on January 1.

Rajesh Khanal, Dec 30 2018

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Despite roaring success, entrepreneurs say Nepal is not doing enough to attract high-paying tourists

Businesses in travel and tourism sector are excited about what the new season has to offer, and expect around 1.5 million tourist arrivals in 2019.


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This is why it’s a perfect time for Nepal to cash in on its ODI status

Off-field problems continue to affect the overall development of cricket as CAN remains under the ICC suspension.

Adarsha Dhakal, Dec 30 2018

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Enough power, not enough power lines

Although Nepal’s energy sector looks promising in 2019 on the generation front, the NEA is still struggling to complete key transmission lines required to transport electricity from the power plants to the national grid.

BIBEK SUBEDI, Dec 30 2018

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Why #MeToo never really took off in Nepal

The #MeToo momentum in Nepal, while welcome, dissipated before it could even make a dent in Nepal’s power structures.


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Kathmandu’s mayor promised way more than he could deliver. Now he blames everyone but himself.

Bidya Sundar Shakya has bitten off more than he can chew as he struggles to keep his promises.

Anup Ojha, Dec 30 2018

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This is why autobiographies and memoirs sold more copies than other books

2018 saw a slew of biographies and memories, raising the question: why are we so interested in the lives of others?

Bibhu Luitel, Dec 30 2018

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How analog challenges cripple Nepal government’s ambitious ‘Digital Nepal’ vision

Digital Nepal, one of the decorated initiatives of reigning government, is not an entirely new vision in governmental discourse


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Everything you need to know about the reconstruction of Kasthamandap

After wrangling between local community members and the National Reconstruction Authority for three years, the rebuilding of Kasthamandap is finally underway.


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Nepal’s historic leap towards a federal system has not been as smooth as everyone expected

Starting in 2018, Nepal made a big leap towards a federal system from a unitary state. This historic transformation has not been smooth as the federal and subnational governments bicker over devolved powers.


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Why it’s unfair to overlook the economic achievements of Oli administration

Enter week 45. That’s how long the KP Oli-led government with the largest governing majority has been around for

BHOJ RAJ POUDEL, Dec 30 2018

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How distrust and discontent replaced the hopes Nepalis had from Prime Minister Oli

People are fast losing faith in the strongest government the country has in decades.

Binod Ghimire, Dec 30 2018

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How muted discontent and cracks haunt the country’s football governing body

Muted discontent and cracks seem to have appeared in ANFA.

Ritesh Rijal, Dec 30 2018

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Prime Minister Oli promised to revise Nepal’s foreign policy. But it’s been more of the same.

After years of political instability, the government under KP Sharma Oli with sweeping powers was expected to provide good governance and policy coherence. But frequent flip-flopping on foreign policy decisions has weaken the country’s credibility.

ANIL GIRI, Dec 30 2018

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How Nepal is gambling to make it big in the next South Asian Games without any preparation

With the 13th SAG looming, Nepal looks to capitalise on its home advantage to increase gold-medal haul.

PRAJWAL OLI, Dec 30 2018

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How Nepal’s handling of a teen girl’s rape and murder exposed the country’s fractured law enforcement and justice system

Those in power and with agency to protect the citizens and uphold societal law and order have responded with hostility to an earnest call for accountability.

NAYAK PAUDEL, Dec 30 2018

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A landmark labour deal was supposed to change everything for Nepali workers. But no one knows when it will take off.

Nepali workers were promised better working conditions once the Nepal-Malaysia deal was signed, but till date the deal has not been implemented.


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2018 saw cracks within Nepal’s ruling party. Here’s why 2019 might be the year of revolution within the Communist Party.

It was a rare incident in 21st-century world politics that a communist party got hold of the state machinery through a democratic exercise in Nepal last year.

TIKA R PRADHAN, Dec 30 2018

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Why 2018 was the year of promises—some kept and many broken—for Nepal

Tangled in a series of ironies and contradictions, promises this year have simultaneously been broken and kept. For every swing forward on a promise, the government’s pendulum of change has swung back, revealing glaring chasms between progress and derailment.

The Kathmandu Post Editors, Dec 30 2018

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2018 brought more visitors and more money to Pokhara

The year 2018 proved to be a banner year for Pokhara when the lake city welcomed nearly 30 new hotels, and the number of overnight visitors jumped to more than a million. Hotels have not only proliferated, their revenue has hit record highs.


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