In search of solace

The bus reeks of decades of cigarettes and creeks from years of driver brutality. Seated in front of me is a buzz-cutted portly fellow, sporting a brown leather coat with sheepskin lining.

Thomas Heaton, Feb 02 2019

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To travel is to live

To fuel your soul, you must travel. Run to the places where only your feet can take you. Meet creatures along the way and listen to them whisper. Explore nature far from where all worries lie, just to sleep in her lap. Only then, can you dream with your eyes open.

Sumana Shrestha, Dec 01 2018

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Exploring mystical Mardi Himal in Annapurna region

There is a popular saying in Nepal that a man once said: “Heaven is myth and Nepal is real.” It may sound cheesy but this statement was true for me during my recent trek to Mardi Himal.

Sanjaya Lama, Nov 30 2018

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