Province No. 3

Man taken into custody for ‘provoking’ wife’s suicide

Makwanpur District Court on Friday remanded a man into judicial custody pending investigation into the death of his wife.

PRATAP BISTA, Jul 13 2019

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A year-old child is paying the price of his brother’s eloping with a Dalit

In April last year, Sujan Poudel, 21, from Kalika Municipality in Chitwan, married a Dalit woman from his own village. The couple eloped and hasn’t returned home yet.


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Staff transferred to Province 3 blame government for not keeping its promises

Government employees who were adjusted to provincial and local units in Province 3 under the Employment Adjustment Act have expressed dissatisfaction over the lack of remuneration and facilities, promised by the federal government as per their positions and grades.

SUBASH BIDARI, Jul 11 2019

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Fast-track construction puts settlements at risk, Makwanpur locals say

Locals had notified the army about the risk, but the authorities paid no heed to their concerns.

SUBASH BIDARI, Jul 09 2019

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Bharatpur Hospital hamstrung by staff shortage

The Cabinet decided to upgrade the hospital to a ‘central hospital’ in February but no steps have been taken to turn it into one yet 


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Two men feared dead in Sindhupalchok flood

Government issues flood alerts in several rivers across the country

ANISH TIWARI, Jul 08 2019

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Makwanpur local unit endorses free health care for Chepang community

Bhimphedi Rural Municipality becomes the first local unit to distribute free health insurance cards to impoverished Chepangs.

PRATAP BISTA, Jul 06 2019

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She escaped child marriage. Now she is helping others do the same.

Bipana and her team have successfully stopped three child marriages in Harshahi in the last year

Sujata Lama, Jul 03 2019

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A blind boy sees the light again, and the internet applauds

Roshan Theeng’s joy at being able to see again was captured in a viral video that struck a chord with hundreds on social media.

PRATAP BISTA, Anup OjhaJul 03 2019

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Makwanpur district still dependent on wooden utility poles for electricity supply

Around 150,000 households are connected to electricity through 40,000 wooden utility poles, which authorities say pose a danger to locals

SUBASH BIDARI, Jul 02 2019

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Provincial Health Office gets budget 10 months too late and is now in a rush to spend money

Without funds for months, health facilities were left without essential drugs and training programmes were halted

ARJUN POUDEL, Jun 26 2019

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