Nepali society’s answer to recounting abuse

With The Kathmandu Post’s February 7 report about decades-long sexual harassment at the reputed Lalitpur Madhyamik Vidhyalaya (LMV), the #MeToo movement in Nepal came a long way.

Rosha Pokharel, Feb 22 2019

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Lest we forget

Dementia is one of the top causes of death and disability, and society needs to act

SAMRIDHI RANA, Feb 22 2019

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Big Brother looms

The government is working to introduce legislation to regulate public discourse

HARDIK SUBEDI, Harischandra SubediFeb 22 2019

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How prophetic was the CIA in its assessment about Nepal?

The US intelligence service’s assessments about Nepal have mostly been proven true

AMISH RAJ MULMI, Feb 22 2019

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Looking east

A strategic marketing plan is needed to tap into the outbound Chinese tourism market

Saroj Dhakal, Feb 21 2019

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Assaulting free speech

The provisions in the new bill could further curtail free speech and silence dissenters

Taranath Dahal, Feb 21 2019

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‘Panic’ is not a plan

Schools must have clear earthquake response plans


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Erosion of economic base

The reality is that the high dependence on remittance will further weaken our social and economic bases


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Political roadblocks

Hurdles to prosperity are far more difficult to clear than seasonal economic distresses

ACHYUT WAGLE, Feb 19 2019

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Lost in the cliché

The Nepali advertising industry must learn from the greats

Raghav Gautam, Feb 19 2019

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Reconstruction conundrums

The polarising use of this term further implies that people were well-informed regarding beneficiary guidelines and reconstruction criteria, and made conscious decisions to be deceptive.

Bina Limbu, JEEVAN BANIYA, MANOJ SUJI, Sara ShneidermanFeb 19 2019

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