Are we prepared for the monsoon disaster?

Local governments--being the first responders--do not have the training, financial support and technical know-how to manage such crises.

Raju chauhan, Jul 15 2019

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Nepal’s place in a changing world order

It is important to look at how Nepal will plan its engagement with the world.

Sujeev Shakya, Jul 15 2019

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Congress at a crossroads

The oldest political organisation in the country is frantically searching for its footing.

P Kharel, Jul 14 2019

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Digital development and e-commerce in Nepal

Even with the government’s adoption of an e-commerce strategy, there is a lot more to do to expand the digital market.

Madhu K Marasini , Jul 14 2019

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Fragile wings, cloudy skies

The plight of Air India and the demise of Jet Airways and Kingfisher Airlines are emblematic of India’s aviation woes.

Ravindra Kumar, Jul 14 2019

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The cheapest way to tackle climate change

Planting trees is an economically viable way to capture huge amounts of carbon dioxide and lower temperatures

Bharat Chand, Jul 13 2019

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Remittance is great, but what of the workers suffering abroad?

National politics play a factor in youth seeking employment abroad.


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Reviving an ancient system of healing

A reformation of ayurveda educational institutions and research in the field in Nepal is required. 

PREROK REGMI, Jul 13 2019

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India and Nepal finally agree on something: imposing tax on imported books

Let’s not fool ourselves by suggesting an import duty on books will improve our domestic publishing industries.

AMISH RAJ MULMI, Jul 11 2019

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Nepal has no proper control over pesticide usage

Pesticides and other chemicals used during the production of vegetables and fruits often do more harm than good.


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The unfortunate dismissal of gender equality

Although the government does have social inclusion provisions, they are largely ignored or purposefully ridiculed.

Deepak Thapa, Jul 10 2019

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Policy instruments have been effective

Monetary policy measures have been undermined because their objectives are misunderstood, or not understood at all.


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