Bend it like Baba

Yoga should be included in the curriculum because it sharpens the students’ mind.


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Reinventing Kathmandu with a metro

The proposed line is about 34 km long, out of which 12 km would be underground.

Binod L Amatya, Jun 15 2019

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Music and mystery

Nasah Dyah is primarily regarded as the god of music, dance and performing arts.

BIGYESH NEPAL, Jun 15 2019

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Ills of the Guthi Bill

The biggest blunder is disqualifying indigenous people from their rightful ownership of community structures.

Sanyukta Shrestha, Jun 15 2019

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Calling a spade a spade

Pranesh simply said what he felt about the movie and is paying a hefty price for that.

PRAJITA GUPTA, Jun 14 2019

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Understanding the modern Nepal-China border

Despite deepening relations, one cannot expect the northern frontier to be as open as the southern one.

AMISH RAJ MULMI, Jun 13 2019

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On sex and citizenship: the discrimination against women in Nepal

The debate on citizenship goes from nationalist rhetoric to plain misogyny.

Subina Shrestha, Jun 13 2019

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In filling public sector jobs, the federal government is making mistakes

It keeps forgetting about federalism and inclusiveness.

Deepak Thapa, Jun 12 2019

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Overseas employment is leading to labour market distortions

Shortage of labour has led to an increase in wage levels over minimum wage.

Narayan Manandhar, Jun 12 2019

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Kailash sojourn

A pilgrimage dotted with natural hazards, altitudinal variations and pristine scenery.

MAHENDRA P LAMA, Jun 11 2019

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Saarc on life support

India may not be willing to end the experiment, but it’s unlikely to help in the revival of the grouping.

CK LAL, Jun 11 2019

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Nepal's expanding horizon

Oli's Europe tour is expected to further boost an expanding development partnership.

Swaran Singh, Jun 10 2019

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In Nepal, democracy is a sham

No independent and impactful movement exists at present which could challenge the government against its increasingly undemocratic demeanour.

ACHYUT WAGLE, Jun 10 2019

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The government needs to manage land use

Laws should be created to control unscientific fragmentation for real estate purposes.

Santosh Pathak, Jun 09 2019

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