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Money in politics

In South Asia, elections are treated as festivals and voters as consumers of lies

Sujeev Shakya, Dec 22 2015

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Scientists create artificial 'skin' that could feel sensation

For the many people around the world living with prosthetics, such a system could one day allow them to feel sensation in their artificial limb.

IANS, Oct 16 2015

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600-year-old warship wreckage found in Britain

The wreckage of a 600-year-old warship has been found buried deep in a river in Britain's Hampshire country.

IANS, Oct 15 2015

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Facebook now lets you filter out painful memories

A bad break up? Facebook has introduced a filter to prevent reminding you inadvertently of a photo or friendship you would rather forget

Post Report, Oct 15 2015

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Wildlife Photographer of the Year: Warring foxes take prize

"It's the best picture I've ever taken in my life."

BBC, Oct 14 2015

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Too hot to be an engineer: I chose my career against marriage, says Sovita Dahal, a software test engineer

On Ada Lovelace Day, four female engineers from around the world share their experiences of working in male-dominated professions.

Zoe Kleinman/ BBC, Oct 14 2015

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Most of media coverage is about men, according to a study

Have you ever realised that more than 80 percent of the names mentioned in the media are those of men

IANS, Oct 02 2015

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Who is this real life Superman?

A man whom the media have dubbed "Superman" in Australia is being sought by police - they want to award him for rescuing a man from a burning house.

IANS, Sep 28 2015

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You will snap over 25,000 selfies in your lifetime!

According to a new survey conducted by Luster Premium White -- a global maker of teeth-whitening products -- 95 percent of people have taken at least one selfie.

IANS, Sep 23 2015

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Woman asks Facebook friends to shoot her dog

Animal control officers who picked up the dog said the woman told them she wanted it killed because she could no longer care for her and because the dog kept getting in the garbage.

IANS, Sep 22 2015

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