Three days of nonstop torrential rain tops up Kulekhani reservoir

Prahlad Rijal, Jul 15 2019

With the reservoir filled to the brim, and the two plants churning out electricity feverishly, the Nepal Electricity Authority has been able to cut down power imports from India to 150 MW from 400 MW.
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Farmers urge government to continue chemical testing on imported farm produce

RAJESH KHANAL, Jul 14 2019

The government has flip-flopped on mandatory chemical tests citing inadequate labs.
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Central Bank mulls dismantling industrialist-bank nexus to avert anomalies in financial system

PRAHLAD RIJAL, Jul 14 2019

The provisions barring financial institution promoters to collude and exercise public deposits as per their interest are not yet legally well-grounded.
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Traders unhappy with government’s poor market supervision


Traders expressed dissatisfaction over the government only conducting market supervision during the festive season and said that it needs to be done throughout the year.
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Securities Board to crack down more sternly on insider trading

Rajesh Khanal, Jul 11 2019

Amendments will be made to Securities Act to give it more teeth.
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Cabinet okays revision of air service agreement with China


Currently, Nepali carriers are currently allowed to fly on seven destinations— Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Kunming, Chengdu, Lhasa and Xi'an.
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Officials working on alignment of Galchhi-Kerung transmission line

Jul 11 2019

Concerns have been raised as part of the line will pass through Langtang National Park.
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Government capital spending dismal yet again

RAJESH KHANAL, Jul 11 2019

The government has spent only 57 percent of the budget allocated for development purposes as the current fiscal year draws closer
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Court orders government to continue pesticides test on imported farm produce

RAJESH KHANAL, Jul 11 2019

The Supreme Court on Wednesday issued a stay order against the government move to revoke the testing of pesticide residues on agriculture produce imported from India.
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Vehicle and consignment tracking system to be enforced from the new fiscal year

Rajesh Khanal, Jul 09 2019

Traders sending goods by cargo truck will be required to make an online declaration with details of the shipment.
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Researchers produce monosex population of highly fertile tilapia 


The invasive species is a better alternative to carp which is commercially farmed in Nepal.
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