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How you can reduce the risk of getting lung cancer

If you have never smoked, don’t start smoking. If you do, you should try to quit.

Dr Rakshya Pandey, Jul 10 2019

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Worried about pesticides? Scrub them away.

Nepal is on high alert when it comes to pesticides—here are some tips to keep the kitchen chemical-free.

Post Report, Jul 10 2019

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Eat your vegetables, but let them rot first

The West is obsessed with fermented food and the health benefits that come with it, but Nepal has had these preserved foods for a long time--and they’re vital to their diet

Thomas Heaton, Jul 03 2019

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Here’s why yoga should be part of your morning routine

While most exercises are focused only on physical health, yoga lays emphasis on the mental and spiritual health of an individual


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A cure for cancer

Women face a lot of specific health problems, hence a separate stream of medicine—gynecology and obstetrics—is required.

Parash Adhikari, Feb 14 2019

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A pain in the neck

Thyroid cancer is one of the most common cancers in Nepal. It is considered one of the, relatively, better cancers to get as deaths are rare, with a 10-year survival rate post-treatment in more than 90 percent of patients.

Dr Prabhat Chandra Thakur , Jan 24 2019

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Once bitten

Nepal’s climate is broadly subtropical, characterised by large seasonal variations in temperature, rainfall and humidity. Dengue fever and complications arising from dengue are widespread in such subtropical and tropical regions of the world.


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Soak up the sun

Among all the vitamins that the human body requires, vitamin D is different, not only because it strengthens bones but also due to its involvement in the body’s various systems.

Dr Kapil Mani KC, Jan 03 2019

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On orthopaedics

Self-care and wellbeing responsiveness is essential in establishing long term health prospects


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Proper eye care in a digital world

Let me begin with a simple question related to our personal hygiene. How many of us brush our teeth daily? I assume most of us brush our teeth possibly twice a day, if not at least once. But let me ask you a similar question regarding ocular hygiene. How many of us consciously clean our eyelids daily?

Sandeep Kandel, Dec 20 2018

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False promises: Beauty products promising virginity restoration, enlargement or reduction of breasts and bottoms have potential detriments to health

Beauty products were once simpler—foundation, eye shadow, lip pigment and hair colour. But now, they’ve taken on a more insidious edge, promising the restoration of a woman’s virginity and the enlargement, or reduction, of breasts and bottoms.

NAYAK PAUDEL, Dec 13 2018

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Ageing and the elderly

It is natural for everyone to expect to be happy and healthy in the later parts of life. We all dream of an old age without dependence or incontinence, but with good health and grace. Anyone living in any part of the world should have the opportunity to live a long and healthy life.

Dr Ramesh Kandel, Dec 06 2018

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