Health Ministry urges international agencies to extend help in flood- and landslide-hit areas

Officials say three teams of doctors are being deployed to flood-affected areas in Pathlaiya of Bara district, Lahan of Siraha district and Bardibas of Mahottari district.

ARJUN POUDEL, Jul 14 2019

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Pokhara at high risk of dengue outbreak, a new entomological study shows

Entomologists have found the presence of Aedes aegypti and Albopictus mosquitoes in high numbers

ARJUN POUDEL, Jul 12 2019

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Dr KC demands appointment of vice chair in medical commission be halted

Irregularities would flourish and regulations would turn into a mess if incompetent people or stalwarts of political parties are appointed as vice chairman, says Dr KC

ARJUN POUDEL, Jul 12 2019

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Nepali Muslims to embark on their Hajj journey in a week, but government yet to vaccinate them

Health Ministry says it will fast-track the vaccine procurement process

ARJUN POUDEL, Jul 10 2019

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Government receives five applications for the post of vice-chairperson of Medical Education Commission

Medical activists call for a fair process to pick a deserving candidate

NAYAK PAUDEL, Jul 09 2019

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Presence of microbes in some Ayurvedic products is high, drug regulatory body says

Manufacturers argue the protocol enforced by the regulator is too strict.

Arjun Poudel, Jul 08 2019

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Lab report gives reprieve to people who came in contact with man who died of bird flu virus

Of the 179 samples, 172 were taken from hospital staff—doctors, nurses, lab technicians, cleaning staff—who were involved in the treatment of the patient.

ARJUN POUDEL, Jul 08 2019

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Tuberculosis centres across country lack reagent for test

The National Tuberculosis Center, under the Department of Health Services, which is responsible for ensuring that testing kits called ‘Genexpert test cartridges’ are available in all centres, confirmed that there is a shortage of reagent.

Arjun Poudel, Jul 05 2019

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Patients find it hard to get beds in country’s central mental hospital

The 50-bed hospital, which is always crowded, struggles to accommodate those in need of immediate in-patient care

ARJUN POUDEL, Jul 03 2019

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What ails Nepal’s health care sector

State-run health facilities throughout the country lack essential drugs which the government is supposed to be providing for free to patients. Pregnant women seeking institutional delivery service at government health facilities have also been deprived of government-announced allowances.

Arjun Poudel, Jul 03 2019

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Doctors take exception to new law that allows late-term abortions in exceptional cases  

A new provision allows abortions in cases of rape, incest or danger to health at upto 28 weeks, almost a month after the foetus is considered viable. 

ARJUN POUDEL, Jul 02 2019

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