Mental health is a major public health concern—but it is still a neglected issue

Along with social stigma, there is also a lack of specialists and facilities for people suffering from mental problems

ARJUN POUDEL, May 23 2019

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Baitadi at risk of malaria

More than two dozen people have been infected with malaria, a mosquito-borne infectious disease, in Baitadi in the nine months of the current fiscal year.

TRIPTI SHAHI, May 20 2019

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Specimen from patients for bird flu virus sent for tests

A team of 35 experts carried out epidemiological surveillance

ARJUN POUDEL, May 19 2019

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Health Ministry demands Rs 54 billion for the next fiscal year

The Ministry of Health and Population has demanded Rs 54 billion—Rs 400 million more than the current budget allocated to the Health Ministry—for the upcoming fiscal year. However, the Ministry of Finance says the ceiling for the ministry’s budget is Rs 34.4 billion.

ARJUN POUDEL, May 16 2019

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Authorities to send more specimens abroad to test for bird flu virus

The Epidemiology and Disease Control Division says it is preparing to send specimens collected from the people who came in close contact with the person who died after contracting the H5N1 (bird flu) virus on March 29.

ARJUN POUDEL, May 11 2019

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First bird flu death raises concerns, but government response is too slow

In a hurriedly called press conference on May 2, the Ministry of Health and Population announced that a person had died from bird flu, the first human casualty in Nepal by H5N1 virus. The 21-year-old had died on March 29, according to the ministry.

ARJUN POUDEL, May 05 2019

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Kathmandu’s blood banks are running out of blood.

The last several years have seen a major decline in blood donations, leading blood banks to struggle to manage blood for patients.

ARJUN PAUDEL, May 01 2019

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Monitoring of private health facilities halted for months

Monitoring of private health facilities—hospitals, nursing homes, polyclinics— operating in the districts of Province 3 has been halted since the beginning of the ongoing fiscal year.

ARJUN POUDEL, Apr 29 2019

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Up to 400 percent price variation found in same generic medicines of different brands

According to a study carried out by the Nepal Health Research Council, same generic medicines of different brands are being sold in the market with huge price variation, with some brands selling their products at a price 400 percent higher than others.   

ARJUN POUDEL, Apr 15 2019

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After failing to buy vitamin A, five provinces turn to federal government for help

Five out of seven provinces have requested concerned agencies of the federal government to procure vitamin A supplement for them.

ARJUN PAUDEL, Apr 14 2019

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Diarrhoea afflicts 25 people in Pheta Rural Municipality

A diarrhoea outbreak has afflicted at least 25 people in Bara’s Pheta Rural Municipality that suffered heavy destruction in the March 31 rainstorm.  

LAXMI SAH, Apr 09 2019

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