A short eating tour of Patan—from Patan Dhoka to Chyasal

If coming from Kathmandu, take a right at Patan Dhoka and follow the road until you arrive at another smaller gate, where you take a left and follow the winding claustrophobic alleys until you arrive at a large, resplendent pond.

Thomas Heaton, Feb 19 2019

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This Japanese noodle-maker is in Kathmandu to teach Nepalis how to make udon

In the shadow of the Boudhanath Stupa, Jon Tanimura contemplates a bowl of steaming thukpa and a plate piled high with spicy chowmein glistening with oil. The freshly-made noodles are somewhat familiar but he doesn’t quite recognise them completely.

Thomas Heaton, Feb 13 2019

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How one factory in Bouddha makes its popular whole wheat noodles

It’s a few minutes past 1 in the afternoon when two workers from the Shambala Noodle Factory in Fulbari, Bouddha, enter the factory’s noodle-making room, where space is sparse and everything in it, except for a bright pink speaker, serves some noodle-making purpose.

Tsering Ngodup Lama, Feb 06 2019

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From Aleppo to Kathmandu: Meet the family behind Kathmandu's only Syrian restaurant

Among the hundreds of Nepali words that have been borrowed from Arabic, there’s one that has always remained fresh: taza, which just so happens to mean ‘fresh’.

Timothy Aryal, Jan 30 2019

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Sixteen years on, Pimbahal Fresh Potato Chips Corner continues to serve a wide variety of crisps

It is 10:30 in the morning on a week day at Patan’s Pimbahal Pokhari. The narrow roads surrounding the ponds are filled with honking vehicles, people rushing to work, and storefronts opening for the day ahead.

ABANI MALLA, Jan 15 2019

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