An un-pho-gettable trip to Vietnam, without leaving Kathmandu

This Jhamsikhel restaurant provides some electric tastes of Vietnamese food. But just how well does it do it?

HANTAKALI, Jun 20 2019

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Big beer companies have a monopoly on the market. Now some beer lovers want to change that.

Nepal has long been lager land for beer lovers, with no real other options available. But a small group of craft brewers are optimistic about the future of microbrewing in the country.

Thomas Heaton, Jun 14 2019

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How to do breakfast right in Kathmandu

Breakfast isn’t a meal in Kathmandu, traditionally speaking, it’s snack-time—tea and fried dough take precedence in the mornings.  

Thomas Heaton, Jun 13 2019

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Going back in time at The Bakery Cafe

The Bakery Cafe helped define Nepal’s restaurant scene, but its recipes seem to have not changed since it started in 1991.

HANTAKALI, Jun 06 2019

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Everyone’s favourite saliva-inducing savoury treat

Despite rumours of unhygienic manufacturing techniques frequently making the rounds, the pau industry is a never-wavering enterprise

ABANI MALLA, May 30 2019

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Thamel’s Bismillah Halal is tiny and without frills, but its meat asserts its authority

Despite being located in Thamel, the Bismillah Halal Restaurant is an escape from chaotic Kathmandu—it transports you to a world of its own.

HANTAKALI, May 23 2019

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At Narayan Dai’s famous momo shop, stay for the momo--and leave immediately

Each momo is an imperfect assurance that they’re handmade--no frozen, store-bought dumplings here. Some are gnarly, with holes, while others are perfect. None follow their wrapping technique to a tee.

HANTAKALI, May 09 2019

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Krishna Pauroti once meant white bread. Here’s the story behind this Kathmandu institution.

In the beginning, Krishna only made 10-12 loaves of bread a day with the help of two others. Each loaf cost 50 paisa, but white bread was new to the city and it wasn’t very popular. People preferred traditional breads like roti, swari and puri, not this foreign-style bread.

Rose Singh, May 08 2019

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Where to eat in Bhaktapur

Walking from Tachapal Bhimsen, towards Nayatapola, it’s not unusual to see a man stooped over a karahi of boiling chaku, locals ducking through bed-sheet doorways to get their lunch, and others nibbling on sel roti with their tea.

Thomas Heaton, May 02 2019

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Man Tang Hong might not be the cleanest or the most refined, but it’s Sichuan cuisine is often good, sometimes bad—it’s a gamble.

For this review, Hantakali chose Man Tang Hong, a restaurant popular among Chinese tourists and Nepalis in-the-know.

HANTAKALI, Apr 25 2019

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Welcome to eastern Nepal. Now let’s eat.

Newar food might be considered one of Nepal’s most distinct cuisines, but Limbu and Rai food are equally diverse and exciting

Thomas Heaton, Apr 19 2019

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