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Remembering a rebellious girl

 As I said this in a soft spoken voice, tears rolled down her rosy cheeks. With gentle affection I caressed her hair. She stopped crying. For almost twenty minutes, we just sat there in silence staring at  the cat. No words. Sometimes words are unnecessary if the feelings are genuine. And my feelings were genuine. For all her stubbornness and rebellious manners, I had a profound affection for Tibrata. I knew she was a lonely girl and was yearning for love and affection.

Ujwol Shrestha, Apr 21 2019

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A cake in the gulf

Ramesh is a melancholic man and it had been a long, long time since he was seen smiling. Though the sun had ripped his soul to pieces, these papers were apparently keeping his hopes of a happy life alive.

Yogesh Gautam, Apr 21 2019

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Kha-leh Shu

She passed below going to milk the cow as I came up the rickety metal stair to the top floor of the village guest house and I grinned and waved. She grinned back, shy and surprised. The forested hillside rose behind where monks lived alone in stone huts below the snow crusted ridge.

Eric Crockett, Apr 14 2019

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She is getting ready for work. Her five year old daughter comes running with a small dreamcatcher in her hand, “Mamu, what is this?” She smiles, “Sanu, This is a dreamcatcher. It will bring you good dreams.” The five year old looks at the small object in awe.

Anjila Wosti, Apr 14 2019

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It was 2pm, a typical hot summer afternoon. I was on my way home. I didn’t want to go home. I was physically and emotionally exhausted.

Samichhya Khanal, Apr 07 2019

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One day at a bookstore

I browsed through the ‘Romance section’ scanning the flirtatious titles on the paperbacks lining the dark oak bookshelves—Dear Darling; My Dashing Cheater-Husband; Fifty Shades of Grey.

Sakar Lama, Apr 07 2019

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Journey to the end of the night

I worked from 10 to 5 every day for the family, for a better life. Built a family, educated my children and sent them away to study abroad. And here I am today, away from the only person who cared for me

Yogesh Gautam, Mar 31 2019

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Birthday letter

I really love you! I know you are doing really well in your life. I know that your hands are trembling and the tears of laugher are rolling down your blushed cheeks right now. I also know that at the end of this letter, you will cry out of sadness. Baby, I know you really well. I even know that you are wearing the maroon dress and that lavender perfume that I gifted you. Those ear rings and the bangles remind you of me.

RUNA MAHARJAN, Mar 31 2019

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The White Lilac

The dark—it frightens, it soothes. The light—it resurrects, it hurts. The mirror—it troubles, it reminds him of what he has lost—her.

Anjila Wosti, Mar 24 2019

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Letter to a younger self

Dear me of the past, There are so many things I want to say to you, so many advices I want to give you, but alas, I cannot.

Sandhya Lamichhane, Mar 17 2019

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On the edge of love

He never really cared for Valentine’s Day. It was a mere symbol of commercialisation of emotions for him. However, this year something felt amiss, he wasn’t feeling his usual self.

Sarthak Byanjankar, Mar 17 2019

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Maya’s Café

On the yellowish wall was a blurry sketch of Confucius and next to it a fuzzy John Lennon portrait. The liaison of old wall’s faint yellow paint and the numerous wall cracks resulted in a distinct shape, a bit of a cult of Maya’s café.

Bishrant Katwal, Mar 10 2019

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