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The girl in the window seat

Her eyes were intoxicating and innocent. She smiled at me and I too returned her smile, but in her smile, I found something missing.

Yubraj Parajuli, Jul 14 2019

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Line in the sand

Deepesh had told her that her life will be full of surprises and adventure once she gets to Kathmandu and she was very excited for a new chapter in her life.

Anshu Raj Dahal, Jul 14 2019

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My refugee girlfriend

She was a refugee but I never considered her as a stranger. And knowing that I wouldn’t see her again broke me.


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Deciphering destiny

Days were made of violence and quarrels in their home. Yet, the children grew in the shade of their mother’s love.

Aadesh Subedi, Jul 06 2019

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Craving for an emotional support

Her eyes were focused on the rain but various thoughts were playing on her mind. She realised how lonely she was without Rajiv.

Sulochana Nepal, Jun 30 2019

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Life is beautiful

Prerana was at a juncture in life where she was about to get everything she had wanted. She was about to get her degree in medicine. Her dream and her parents’ dream of seeing her become a doctor was finally about to get fulfilled. She hadn’t imagined her death to come to her like this.


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The girl in the sketch

The only difference is that the girl on the sketch has shorter hair and blue eyes

Nirajan Rijal, Jun 22 2019

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A tale of a book thief

Dibesh’s memory drifted back to that April evening, when he was his son’s age. The incident’s memory was like an unforgiving mouse trap that caged him every time his mind drifted there.

Bishrant Katwal, Jun 22 2019

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Beyond just the greetings

The thought of presentation came back, becoming more pressing and elemental this time

Blaze Neupane, Jun 15 2019

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One winter morning

Many things were on my mind. Some of sadness, some of regret

Shranup Tandukar, Jun 15 2019

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Timeless love

It was 2005 BS. After seven days of walking my grandfather finally said, “We are now in Kathmandu.” He was in his late sixties, but he didn’t look his age.

Yogesh Gautam, Jun 09 2019

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Clamouring through the same pain

Everyday she wakes up she motivates herself to do better, to fly high. She searches for happiness, satisfaction, but finally ends up stuck with ridiculous emotions which never let her go.

Kantilata Thapa, Jun 02 2019

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