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Confessions of a Cigarette Man

Old habits die hard but they do eventually--especially when you put your mind to it. 


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Is ‘The Wayward Daughter’ feminist?

Many readers arrived at Shradha Ghale’s book talk, organised by Martin Chautari, seeking the closure the book failed to deliver.

Ritu Rajbanshi, Jul 05 2019

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Doing Nothing, Growing Grass

Why does life always go round and round, leading us nowhere?


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Ruminations about friendship, career and Bouddha

Only after a few years of getting into an Ivy League institution did I realise how big of a leap that was for me and my friend Pawan

Asmod Karki, Jun 28 2019

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What Kathmandu can learn from Amsterdam

For the city to become a cycle-friendly place, a huge shift in transport policies needs to be put into place.

Prarambha Dahal, Jun 21 2019

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A tribute to my father’s tales

Having lost a father, it’s time to go back to the village to relive life’s best moments.


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And the rain god returns home

As asphalt pavements give way to dirt trails, fire enters the equation in the final leg of Bunga Dyah Jatra.

Chase Brush, Jun 14 2019

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Creating space for women in the tech world

The participation of women in Nepal’s info-tech sector is still very low but the future holds promise.

Asmod Karki, May 31 2019

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On schooling, class and basic divisions

Can we revisit schools as a space to rebuild communities?

Ayushma Regmi, May 24 2019

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'We don’t need another decade to put the country on the path of progress’

The Panchayat decades were dark. The last three haven’t been too bright either


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Where are you going, where have you been

There were many stories that my grandmother had to tell, even though she didn’t often get a chance to tell them all. She had stories of growing up in Bagdurbar in the Capital, before being shunted off in marriage to the backwater of Gaur, Rautahat. She had lived well when young, riding bicycles and gossiping with her sisters. And along the way, she’d learned to smoke cigarettes, at the age of 16. She would smoke regularly, not many just 4-5 cigarettes a day, for the next 73 years.

Pranaya SJB Rana, May 17 2019

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