Tanka Bhattarai: Potential employees must demonstrate judgment, initiative, teamwork

The most important part of the hiring process is the interview. The reference is also important to know the attitude of the candidate. Besides talent, an employee’s attitude plays an important role in their hiring.


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Abhishek Tuladhar is bringing a uniquely Nepali touch to age-old cocktail recipes

When Tuladhar returned to Kathmandu in 2016, after a decade of living abroad, he’d acquired a strong taste for cocktails. But in Kathmandu, he discovered that the cocktails didn’t suit his palate, leading him to make his own, and share them with his family and friends.

Alisha Sijapati, Apr 22 2019

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Weaving wonders

All of the Woven’s products are handmade in Nepal while the materials are sourced from various places, primarily rural women’s cooperatives in Salija village of Parbat district that collect material produced in households.

Shuvechchhya Pradhan, Apr 15 2019

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The tailor who makes suits for Kathmandu's elite

Kapali was sixteen years old when he started his career as a tailor at Model Tailors in New Road. While that shop is no more, back in the 60s, Model was known as one of the best and biggest tailoring places in Kathmandu, so much that even the royals got their suits tailored there.

Abha Dhital, Apr 08 2019

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Subhash Gauchan: At Dalle, we want to be accessible to everyone

In this interview with the Post’s Alisha Sijapati, Subhash Gauchan, who returned from Florida in the US to Kathmandu in 2000, talks about how he came to start Dalle and where he’s plans to take this restaurant chain in the future. Excerpts:


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Kathmandu’s job market needs IT and communications professionals, but there is a disconnect between employees and employers

Despite this increasing demand for qualified personnel in the IT and communications sector, numerous problems remain with Nepali job seekers, say human resource management companies.


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Under pressure

In the last decade, coffee made in a pressure cooker has taken Butwal by storm


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Ranil Samarawickrema: When you have trust, fellowship and synergy—you can do anything

As soon as Ranil Samarawickrema returned home, he realised the potential for tourism in the country and began working on budget hotels for backpackers.


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Back to baking

Three decades later, Pakhrin, now 51, has injected approximately Rs 7 million in capital into Lemon Tree, which has two components—a complete bakery shop in Jhamsikhel, and a fast food kitchen in Kupondole.

Abha Dhital, Mar 25 2019

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Mala Thapa Magar: Of all the allo that grows in Nepal, only 10 percent is harvested

In 2009, she started her own company—Himalayan Allo Udhyog, which produces a range of allo products—from raw allo, allo fibre to allo yarn, allo fabric, allo garments, and bags.

Tsering Ngodup Lama, Mar 25 2019

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No sugar, no spice

For Tsewang Dhoenkyi Sadutshang, a self-professed health nut, homemade fruit smoothies had long been an essential part of her diet. As a student in the US, she had realised early the dangers of processed foods and drinks.

Abha Dhital, Mar 18 2019

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Amrit Man Tuladhar: When it comes to innovative ideas, Muncha has always been ahead

For Nepalis studying abroad who want to send a gift to their mothers on Mother’s Day, there are numerous current options. You can select from any number of e-commerce sites, and even many websites of individual shops now offer e-payment and delivery. But back in the 2000s, there were few options. And was one of them.  


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