Looking back to look forward

In democratic societies, citizens have two things at their disposal--the ballot box and the soapbox. While the ballot box allows citizens to choose their representatives, the soapbox allows them to engage in collective deliberation to the extent that they succeed at ousting those representatives who end up showing disregard for democratic values.

Apr 24 2019

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Intergovernmental collaboration a must if we want to make federalism work

Two years have passed since the local level elections marked our transition from a unitary system to a federal system. But ever since then, the centre and the provinces have been on a collision course with each other over a number of issues including the mobilisation of personnel and resources, and jurisdiction.

Apr 23 2019

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Thoughtless exploitation of river-based resources will hit water tourism hard

The thoughtless exploitation of river-based resources has created many issues for the locals, including environmental hazards along with shrinking opportunities for sustainable revenue generation.

Apr 22 2019

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Stop the promotion of hate and faith-based violence

In an extremely tragic incident, more than 200 people were killed and hundreds more were wounded in a series of bomb blasts that hit hotels and churches across Sri Lanka.

Apr 22 2019

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The criminalisation of legitimate journalism should not be taken lightly

This government’s penchant for controlling information and muzzling the press is particularly disappointing, since the KP Sharma Oli-led administration has repeatedly touted its commitment to transparency.

Apr 19 2019

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That was fast

The tunnel builders have shown that where there’s a will, there’s a way

Apr 18 2019

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The way to do drugs

The quality of drugs and their prices both require serious government oversight

Apr 17 2019

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All in one place

Data centres are indispensable but yet an unrecognised part of national infrastructure

Apr 16 2019

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An unequal platter

Pregnant women, lactating mothers and children aged 6-24 months in five districts in Karnali and in Solukhumbu district in Province 1 have been deprived of nutritious food for the last two months due to the inability of the local governments to buy fortified flour on time.

Apr 15 2019

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Electrify the future

The government’s grand plan to operate e-buses is yet to see the light of day

Apr 12 2019

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A democratic nightmare

A sure way of killing democratic culture is by jettisoning collective decision-making.

Apr 11 2019

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