The process is flawed

Procurement process needs to be revamped.

Jun 14 2019

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The case against Pranesh Gautam and meme Nepal is ridiculous

The right to free speech must be defended at all costs

Jun 12 2019

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The situation for migrant workers has not improved in Qatar

Nepalis continue to suffer from slavery-like conditions

Jun 11 2019

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Out in the open

Constructing toilets alone won’t solve open defecation issues

Jun 09 2019

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Journalism thrives on integrity—not on shortcuts

The pursuit of a ‘scoop’ cannot come at the cost of honesty, veracity and fairness.

Jun 06 2019

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Nepal should promote the use of solar energy

As it nears 100 percent electricity access, the next goal should be promoting solar power over other sources.

Jun 05 2019

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Making sense of the money

Remittance is a great earner, but it’s not contributing to economic growth

Jun 05 2019

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Remedy to the sickness in public enterprise

Public enterprises are important in certain spheres but are mostly a drain on resources

Jun 03 2019

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There must be proper oversight against fraudulent educational consultancies

With no monitoring agency for overseas educational consultants and an increase in the number of students seeking a foreign degree, it seems there are many fraudulent institutions and agencies that take people for a ride.

Jun 02 2019

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