Bankers and their conflicts of interest

The central bank should be commended for its decision to enforce stricter controls. 

Jul 15 2019

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Urban sprawl encroaching the floodplains is costing us dear

Sclerotic urban planning compounded with reckless use of land are the primary reasons for the severity of floods witnessed in the last few years. 

Jul 14 2019

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Migrant workers trapped abroad

Cases of out-migrants stuck in exploitative jobs should be handled quickly and effectively

Jul 11 2019

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Mediocrity and nepotism cannot be allowed to rule at universities

A university is a place for advancing knowledge and TU must ensure its students get to do so

Jul 10 2019

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The importance of preserving biodiversity cannot be overstated

The protection of Nepal’s wild animals is intertwined with the country’s tourism aspirations

Jul 09 2019

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Only a strong opposition can keep the ruling party on its toes

Without a viable and effective opposition, parliamentary democracy would largely be a sham. 

Jul 08 2019

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The government needs to stop making haphazard decisions 

Should the government continue to make unilateral and hasty decisions, only to revoke them later, it will have no credibility left.   

Jul 07 2019

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Governments at all levels have been failing in healthcare provision

Health budget is inadequate, and coordination among the provinces and the state is lacking.

Jul 03 2019

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Government’s plans for tourism promotion are frivolous and aimless

It would be better for Nepal’s tourism industry to employ proven strategies.

Jul 02 2019

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Unpacking smart parking

Rather than introducing smart parking, the authorities must be more invested towards promoting friendlier and healthier forms of transport like mass transit, walking and cycling.

Jul 01 2019

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