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Meet the man behind the khattu cocktail

When Abhishek Tuladhar returned to Kathmandu in 2016, after a decade of living abroad, he’d acquired a strong taste for cocktails. But in Kathmandu, he discovered that the cocktails didn’t suit his palate, leading him to make his own, and share them with his family and friends. Thus was born Bar Stories.


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Keeping up with the world’s largest Passover Seder in Kathmandu

On April 19, nearly 2,000 Jewish people from across Asia will gather in Kathmandu for the annual Passover festival, one of the most important Jewish holidays.

Rose Singh, Apr 19 2019

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Cut them down

There was a massacre in our neighbourhood. We witnessed a mass slaughter and kept silent. Most of us chose to live with it. We still don’t talk about it—I have never heard anyone invoke this tragedy since then.

Umesh Bajagain, Apr 13 2019

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Talking into the night

It has started to spray We’re about to step out for lunch

Prateebha Tuladhar, Apr 13 2019

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Why Arundhati Roy writes what she writes

Arundhati Roy keeps telling herself she is not going to write anymore. But then she keeps breaking her promise.

Bhrikuti Rai, Apr 12 2019

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From a meme to King of NepHop, Lil Buddha is making a comeback

For rap aficionados, Sacar Adhikari lies somewhere in the middle—there are artists better than him and artists worse than him. He’s back, he’s better, but some listeners say he’s not the best yet.

ABANI MALLA, Apr 12 2019

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The relic

Fire consumed your letter,Curling its soft words into ashes. I gathered the soot and framed youIn a floating candle bowl

Bibek Adhikari, Apr 06 2019

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People are furious after Miss Nepal judge tells contestant to look pretty before feeling pretty

A video that showed a beauty pageant judge berating “no makeup and glasses” look has enraged Nepalis on Facebook and Twitter.

Bhrikuti Rai, Apr 05 2019

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Last night when it rained,in the drops,you drizzled all around.The gloom scattered colours,and you were drawnin reds and blues.

Rupak Dhakal, Mar 30 2019

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Tea with a twist

Time doesn’t go from January to December or from noon to midnight You know we all just make it that way in our heads

Sarah Sapsanamma Rai, Mar 30 2019

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As a child growing up, roasted corn was our only snack. Now, every mouthful takes me back.

Roasted corn, or bhuteko makai, was what we all ate but like all children, we wanted what we couldn’t have. And so, we’d crave those biscuits, bread, chocolates and noodles. If anyone of us had had any of this to eat at home, brought in by a guest, it would be the talk of the school the next day. 

Anup Ojha, Mar 29 2019

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