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On reading Durga Lal Shrestha as a family by candlelight

In an admittedly unpractical way, I sometimes wish for the absolute darkness imposed by routine power cuts. There is something fascinating about entire communities being plunged into the slow, deliberate rhythm of a dimly-lit world.

Sanjit Bhakta Pradhananga, Feb 22 2019

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While the government is keen to set limits, new media has the potential to lead public discourse

The authorities find it offensive when the fearless speak the truth. The singer’s attempt to voice the present-day reality irked the supporters of those who currently run the state’s affairs, even though Sharma’s satire was directed against successive governments.


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Little secret

I dug a hole inside my heartsearching for places to hide it rightinstead, I wrote a poem on a paper planeand watched it fly down the memory lane

Asmita Manandhar, Feb 16 2019

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Dating on the go

About a year ago, I was a wrecked, heart-broken character still hung up on a bad break up. So, my work best friend Abha, who is the goddess of whipping up the quirkiest of Nepali greeting cards at Little Things, pumped me up for a speed-date programme that she was to organise with her partners on Valentine’s Day. Unfortunately, that year nothing materialised.


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A doll’s house

When Indira Dali was living in Osaka, Japan, every other evening, she would walk around town looking for dolls, miniature figurines and tiny teacup sets.

Asmita Manandhar, Feb 15 2019

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Make it yourself, make it matter

You could pamper your loved ones with luxurious and expensive gifts this Valentine’s Day, but nothing would impress your significant other more than something you’ve fashioned with your own two hands.

ABANI MALLA, Feb 13 2019

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In China, nearly 20 percent of land is desert. Desert expansion has been a serious issue since the 1950s and desert regions have grown by more than 385,000 square miles—an area about the size of France and Germany combined.


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The forgotten aviator

That was my first encounter with Captain Hardy Furer. He served Nepali air transport for many years during a time when aviation infrastructure was at its initial phase. He loved Nepal very much.


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Mainstreaming homosexuality

For as long as films have been made, one basic narrative form, also known as the ‘Classical Hollywood Narrative’, has been the norm—there’s a hero, who is male, and he falls in love with a heroine, who is female.


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Perumal Murugan’s Poonachi is pleasant and heartwarming but its experimentations with satire are muddled

Quite. Forgetting all about the Tamil version, we now have the English rendition at hand. A slim, thoughtful, sweetly-etched life story of a tiny black goat. Judged only by the style and flow of the translation, it is a smooth, pleasant and heartwarming read.

Richa Bhattarai, Feb 08 2019

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Moving back to Nepal is a hard choice, and a very personal one

So, gathering up all these clues, I have decided to move back to my own country where I belong and where (I hope I will) find my true calling.

Binisha Shrestha, Feb 08 2019

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Homecoming, for some, is an utterly unspectacular process

For many people, ‘coming home’ is not a financial, political or social option. And for others, especially those with financial security, it is fundamentally of choice--which makes it utterly unspectacular.

Leena Dahal, Feb 08 2019

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