26th Anniversary Edition-Celebrating Women

Who wants to be a Gurkha? Women

On the race to become the first batch of women to join the British Gurkha regiment under the British Armed Forces


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Breaking the glass ceiling

Pratiksha Pandey and Binita Shrestha are preparing for the fifth edition of Hour of Code, a workshop-cum-training course that they have designed to give an introduction to computer science, demystify code and to show “that anybody can learn the basics in an hour.”

Timothy Aryal, Feb 18 2019

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Shattering barriers with stand-up comedy

In a society that still expects its women to be obedient, not opinionated, pretty, not funny, it’s easier said than done for female stand-up comics to do what they do.

Tsering Ngodup Lama, Feb 18 2019

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The Feminist Memory Project

The feminist movement of Nepal has a deep history but there has been no sustained effort to document the progresses and the struggles of the movement for in-depth study or public access

Nepal Picture Library, Feb 18 2019

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The Disruptors

Nepali history is replete with examples of women being underestimated. They have had a limited role in political leadership and have faced significant social hurdles in asserting their identity and accessing their fundamental rights.

Post Report, Feb 18 2019

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The erasure of transwomen

Though #MeTooNepal has provided a long-overdue platform for women to discuss issues about sexual assault, harassment, and rape, it is also important to address its caveats: It is largely shaped by cis-narratives.

Rukshana Kapali, Feb 18 2019

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Engendering change

Women will be more visible in the political structure only once they are allowed to leverage power

Avasna Pandey, Feb 18 2019

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