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Shadows are an inherent, indispensable part of us—the reality that shows the difference between light and dark. It is the connecting link that bridges the gap between those two extremes.
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About time

Ujjwal Jha, Dec 05 2018

When the clock suddenly struck two in the morning, its sharp ticking pierced my ears. The sensation then ran through my body as if by force and my eyes opened wide. I moved my eyes towards the clock’s direction at once but the unveiling darkness covered it and blocked my sight.
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Tags: time
An eternal darkness seemed to be rapidly spreading over his eyes. His hands and feet were shivering and his mind wandering aimlessly between the bridge connecting life and the after-life. Laden with fear, his emotional state was worsening with every passing second. Contributing to this fear was his loneliness; he was so lonely that he had never felt this helpless before.
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